Be Your Own Literary Agent and Get Published

So you're one of 20 million Americans who want to write a book. If you've already written a manuscript, chances are you're looking for agent representation. In the past few years, as an editor and literary consultant for, I've had the opportunity to read more than 1,000 book proposals.... Read More

How to Catch the Writing Bug

----------------------------------------------------------Permission is granted for the below article to forward,reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website,offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as longas no changes are made and the byline, copyright, and theresource box below is included. ---------------------------------------------------------- How to Catch the Writing Bug By Stephen... Read More

Keys to Characterisation

Far too many inexperienced writers create flat, stereotypical characters: the brave fireman, the damsel in distress, the strict schoolmistress. The best characters are those who evoke emotions within the reader ? fear, admiration, affection, laughter, horror? If the writer fails to make us care about the characters, no matter how... Read More

Balance Your Life

Balance your life ----------------------- Writing is a solitary task. Writing needs concentration and quiet.... Read More

Persisting With Bulldog Determination

Persisting With Bulldog Determination [Book excerpt from Successercising} by Rick Gettle 2003-2004Ninety-five percent of all new businesses go out of business within the first five years or less.Why Do They Fail?There are many starters in life - but very few finish what they start. When the going gets tough,... Read More

Want to start a publishing revolution?

Calling all publishers, editors, journalists and freelance writers. It's time to breathe more life into your copy. Turn your articles into living pieces that spark measurable debate, get closer to your readers and engage their mind andsoul - we're talking revolution. As it was in the beginning Publishers have... Read More

Writing About Writing

What am I going to write about?Which topic is the best?Who is going to be interested in my article? You can ask yourself endless questions on 'what' is going to be the subject of your article. Don't despair! This is not a problem . Any topic will do, and a... Read More

Hunting for Markets Over the Holidays

Chances are, you'll be busy over the next several weeks. Between preparing for, celebrating, and unwinding from the holidays it may be difficult to maintain your regular writing routine. And if researching potential homes for your work is part of that routine-as it is for many of us who regularly... Read More

Boost Your Income With Trade Journals

Why would anyone want to write for trade journals? Aren't the topics are dry? Don't they require specialized knowledge? Not necessarily. You may want to consider trade journals to increase the potential market for your articles ? and for the money. Trade publications make up a significant portion of the... Read More

Recipe for a Style Guide

Wired Online has recently announced its plans to drop capitalization in internet, web, and net, but Wired Magazine continues to capitalize these words. Which should you do? For the most part, it's up to you. To ensure consistency on such tricky words, most editors will have a style guide. ... Read More

In The News:

Delving Deep Into the Crannies of a Brutal War
New York Times
All told, writers from 20 countries are represented. This focus on ignored voices is established early on. After a brief account of the outbreak of war by the French novelist Henri Barbusse, “No Man's Land” immediately moves to Mulk Raj Anand's ...

Kansas City Star

Book-writing fantasy comes true with a coming-of-age tale first written as an ...
Kansas City Star
“So when I was writing my book, I tried to make a storyline in which people would get lost.” Fortunately for her, the owner of Rowe Publishing was mesmerized by the first chapter. “The story has strong characters and a writing style that is rich with ...

Review, 'Football: Great Writing about the National Sport,' edited by John ...
Washington Post
Thompson's full-gonzo assault on his erstwhile peers remains far livelier than anything in John Schulian's anthology “Football: Great Writing About the National Sport,” and it hovers over this dutiful but scattershot book like a smirking ghost ...

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Love of writing leads to expanded audience
John Livingston Clark didn't start writing until he was 55-years-old. In 2008 he published his first book. Since then he's been bitten by the writing bug, and the retired Granger music teacher has taken to writing with a passion that only continues to ...

Fall writing workshop focuses on novels
Quad City Times
The workshop will focus on improving writing with an eye toward publication. Participants are encouraged to have a manuscript in progress. There will be time for critique/feedback with the group as well as one-on-one meetings. There will be some ...
Writing a Unique and Inspired Novel Workshop begins Sept. 16 at Midwest ...Quad-Cities Online

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Raw Story

Eastern Shore teacher removed for troubling writing
Baltimore Sun
Wicomico County State's Attorney Matthew A. Maciarello said the news media has mischaracterized the case as McLaw's being persecuted for writing fiction. Rather, those books "in aggregate" with a letter he wrote and complaints police received about him ...
District suspends 'dangerous' teacher for writing scifi novel about school ...Raw Story
In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment for a NovelistThe Atlantic
English Teacher Arrested and Given Crazy Test for Writing NovelPatriot Post
International Business Times UK -Codewit World News -Opposing Views
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Shandy Lawson talks Fiction Locker, a writing website for teens
My favorite thing about being a writer is interacting with my readers — who are predominantly teens — and often I'm asked for advice on writing or how to get published. I can't answer as many of those questions as I'd like, so I thought if I put all ...

Nick Cannon Is Writing a Book of Poetry for Children
According to the publisher, "Neon Aliens" will feature black-and-white illustrations from several street artists and will reflect Cannon's desire to combine poetry and hip-hop. Cannon said in a statement issued through Scholastic that he has been ...
Nick Cannon is Writing Book of Children's
Nick Cannon reveals he is writing a poetry book for childrenDaily Mail
Nick Cannon writing book 'Neon Aliens Ate My Homework and Other Poems'New York Daily News
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So You Want To Be A TV Writer? Showrunners Share Their Writing Secrets!
The "writers' room" of a television show is a magical place, where creativity flows and awesome ideas are generated. But how do you keep "the room" happy and focused? Some of the top showrunners, including Joss Whedon, share their secrets in this ...

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7 steps of good report writing, part 2
As we have just covered physical evidence and how it pertains to a disciplinary court line and even possible court cases, it's just as important to consider the written report. The written report is going to include written documentation about observed ...

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Learning How To Write

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A Single Technique

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Write For Yourself First

It would be very selfless or noble of me to... Read More

Know Your Editing Choices

Each author has special editing needs. To save yourself time... Read More