Making Good Websites that Stand Out

Websites, there's literally billions of them out there in cyber-space. How many of them do you go to and just think this is boring, bland, or hard to use? It seems like too many to mention. So what makes a good website? I reckon it's about interaction. You've got to... Read More

How To Create A Stunning Drop Capital Effect On Your Web Pages

Drop Capitals are frequently used in many newspapers, books and magazines in the offline world. You will frequently see the large capital letter sinking down into the first paragraph of articles, stories and chapters in the majority of publications you come across. The drop capital gives the page a nice... Read More

Graphic Design Using Color

Color is everywhere and conveys a message even if we don't realize it. While this message can vary by culture it pays to know what colors "say" in your own corner of the universe, and even what color means to your target market. If you don't think that color speaks... Read More

The Monster Garage of eLearning

Have you seen Jesse James on the Discovery Channel's Monster Garage? Each week Jesse and his handpicked team create a customized vehicle to dazzle and amaze you. So what does this have to do with eLearning? Read on...Big boys like big toysDid you see the episode when... Read More

Sales Versus Customer Oriented Websites

Should Generating Revenue From A Website Be The Prime Motivator? A pure sales site has only one purpose... to generate as much revenue as possible at any cost. In other words, your experience--good or bad--is inconsequential to the ultimate goal of the site and may well sacrifice customer satisfaction to... Read More

How To Set Up A Professional Website On Your Own Using Web Templates

To create professional websites is not an easy task by any means. There are many things that you got to take into consideration like easy navigation, strategic links, clean coding, professional layout, easy downloading, scanability, usability and so on. These are the elements that differentiate a professional website from a... Read More

A Website Checklist

If you've just finished building your new website (or revamping your old one), how can you be sure it's "ready for prime time"? Or maybe your site's been around for awhile and you think it may be due for a makeover. Because Web technologies, techniques and standards change so rapidly,... Read More

Ten Steps to a Winning Home Page

There's no doubt about it - the first page your site visitors see is the most important page of your website. If your home page isn't appealing, chances are the rest of your pages will never even be seen by your visitors. It helps to think of your home page... Read More

Web Design for Dictators

No question about it, web design is an art. Finding the right blend of style and usability is a delicate balance that few, if any, fully master. Which is why I am so tired af reading bullet-pointed lists demanding what you should and shouldn't do while building your website. These... Read More

Website Basics

The Basics You have a flourishing business ? everything is in its place. You just miss one important piece of marketing: an Internet Presence a website. Like everything in business, getting a website needs planning. Getting an effective website needs even more planning. Here are some basic things to... Read More

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Geeky Gadgets

Macaw Code-Savvy Web Design Tool, Save 72%
Geeky Gadgets
With Macaw on the market, suddenly writing flawless HTML from scratch isn't essential to designing amazing responsive websites. With an interface similar to Photoshop, you will style and manipulate elements to look and feel as you please by hand—then ...
Draw gorgeous, responsive websites with Macaw (72% off)The Next Web

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Business 2 Community

3 Web Design Best Practices to Improve Conversion Rates
Business 2 Community
What is the overall goal of your web design strategy? It isn't just to have a pretty site or to give a web designer a great addition to their portfolio. So what's it all about then? Well it should be about more than just aesthetics. The main goal of ... Announces October 2015 Recommendations of One ...
NAPLES, FL, Oct 11, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- The independent authority on web design and development,, has named the top web design firms in the mobile development industry for the month of October 2015. Reports The Creative Momentum as the Best Web Design ...Marketwired (press release)
Ten Best Mobile App Marketing Firms Ranked in October 2015 by ...Digital Journal

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Chandigarh Tribune

Web design influences how much we disclose online
Chandigarh Tribune
Web design, and the information shown on the screen, influences how and whether a user discloses personal data online, according to a new study. The study by European Commission's Joint Research Centre used behavioural sciences to look at how ...
Web design influences how much personal information we reveal online: StudyIBNLive
Web designs influence how much we reveal onlineEconomic Times

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The Next Web

Wix's redesigned website design editor also added some cool new features
The Next Web
If you're totally new to website design, Wix will help you choose a template based on your profile. If you're opening a bistro, Wix will show you popular templates for that type of business (who wants their restaurant website to look like the local ...
Wix overhauls website builder tool with new design functionsZDNet Launches New Editor Creating the Most Comprehensive and Customizable ...GlobeNewswire (press release)
New Wix Web Editor Launched to Make Sites Easier to BuildSmall Business Trends
Fast Company
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10 Dos and Don'ts for Mobile Web Design
Business 2 Community
Keeping things simple should always be a main aim of your website design, and especially so when it comes to small screens. So it's important to only include things on your mobile site that genuinely need to be there. If you can keep your design ...

The Next Web

How to survive high-definition Web design
The Next Web
Sure, there's some time left before high definition becomes universal, but looking at the statistics, it's certainly moving that way fast. With Apple's retina displays offering twice the old ppi, it's just a matter of time before HD becomes less of a ...

The Next Web

Web design is now completely boring
The Next Web
Web design has become this predictable equation that usually combines a big hero block with a call to action at the top followed by feature blocks and full-width colors before another call to action button at the bottom. Zzzzzzz. Websites from small ...

New Wix Editor Brings Even More Simplified, Code-Free Web Design to the Masses
CMS Critic (press release) (blog)
Wix, one of the top website builders on the market, has announced some major new changes to their popular web design platform today in the form of a brand new editor. With the newly redesigned interface, Wix blends the ease of use they are known for ...

Web design plays a role in how much we reveal online
After testing different designs with over 3 000 users from the UK, Italy, Germany and Poland, results show web interface affects decisions on disclosing personal information. The study also explored differences related to country of origin, gender ...
Web design plays a role in how much we reveal online European Commission Joint ...EurekAlert (press release)

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