Putting the I in Team

This sports cliche is a memorable phrase that reminds people that team success is more important than individual glory. In that sense it is wonderful and is as true for business teams as it is for sports teams. The phrase, however, overlooks the role of the individual in making the... Read More

3 Steps To Successfully Build A Team In Any Program

Any x by y matrix plan has one big risk... but also one big advantage.The biggest risk: People in your downline might think they don't have to promote and just wait for your spillover.The biggest advantage: Still, it's a great way to build a deep team quick... if you and... Read More

Seven Keys to More Effectively Leading Teams

Maybe you find yourself in a new team environment and leading a team for the first time, or maybe you have been working with and leading teams forever. Either way, the keys in this article ? whether as new information or a fresh reminder ? can make a world of... Read More

The Top Ten Methods to Create a Successful Work Team

Teams are often useful in situations where the task cannot be completed individually or if the task requires working interdependently. However, a successful team requires thought and planning. Too often, a group of individuals is simply thrown together, given a mandate, "marching orders" and then told, "Now go make us... Read More

7 Key Dimensions of High Performance Teams

7 Key Dimensions of High Performance Teams We can always look at the behaviors and skills of team leaders and team members in analyzing team performance and success, but it is also instructive to look at the overall team as well. The list of attributes that follows describes team units... Read More

12 Tips and Reminders for Team Members To Enjoy Their Team Experiences More

12 Tips and Reminders for Team Members To Enjoy Their Team Experiences More Warning: The ideas that follow work. Don't be fooled by their simplicity. For experienced team members and team leaders some of these tips may seem obvious. Sometimes however it is the obvious things we forget about or... Read More

Station Teams: Assembly Required

Too often teams aren't assembled. They just happen. A project comes along and a team is assigned to work it. The group gathers and attempts to figure out a solution, but trouble starts brewing almost at once. Only some of the people do any work. Some people don't get along.... Read More

Putting Your Expert Team Together

As a freelance writer myself, I know how important it is to have, and keep track of, experts to interview. Here are a few ideas on the topic: I always emphasize to clients and seminar participants how important it is to start and maintain a "Team 100" list -- people... Read More

How To Encourage Ideas From Your Team At Meetings

You're at a meeting with key staff. You want some new ideas to address the topic. Looking around at this group of creative, ambitious, bright people, you say, "Let's get some fresh ideas on this. Who's got something?"Suddenly,you feel like the high-school teacher who has asked a question about the... Read More

Boost Your Success With An R&D Team

One of the best ways to ensure that your planning is successful is to create your own R&D (research and development) group. All truly successful businesses have departments or teams specifically dedicated to finding and developing new and better ways to do whatever it is the company does, so why... Read More

In The News:

Immediate Response 14 kicks off with team-building exercises
United States Army (press release)
"[This competition] was good for team-building and multi-partnering," said Sgt. 1st Class Gene Williams, brigade operations non-commissioned officer for the exercise. "I enjoyed the opportunity for all of us to get together for friendly competition ...

Now in 5th season, Ruane, team building winning tradition at Penn-Trafford
It's a program that has current and former players taking an immense amount of pride in the Warriors' success and hoping to build on a WPIAL Class AAAA semifinal appearance a season ago. Since taking over a team that went 18-32 in the five years prior ...

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Illini coach Groce stops in Effingham; Speech focuses on team building
Effingham Daily News
His speech was focused on team building and Groce said it was the a variation of the same speech he will give Sunday evening at his beginning-of-the-year players' meeting. Groce said the people in the midwest are a special kind of people; they are very ...

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Ravens practice canceled in favor of team-building activity
Baltimore Sun
The Ravens' practice Wednesday was scrapped in favor of a walkthrough and trip to the movies to see Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman in "Lucy." After the walkthrough, which ended around 12:45 p.m., the team was given 15 minutes to shower and ...
Ravens decide to team build with ScarJoESPN (blog)
Ravens Go To The Movies For Team BondingBaltimoreRavens.com

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Houston Chronicle

O'Brien avoids venting on Texans, stays true to team building
Houston Chronicle
Since a humbled Bill O'Brien and humiliated Texans returned to Houston on Sunday, the fiery first-year head coach has searched for safer, more secure middle ground. A resilient team that stomachs a gut punch in the first round, wobbles, sees spinning ...

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Texas law firm uses run relay for team building
Dallas Morning News (blog)
“Despite a bit of pain and suffering the teams have experienced in prior races, we all agree finishing the relay is one of our greatest mental and physical achievements,” Hoffman said. “We can't wait to do it.” Team Strasburger, aka “Lawyers on the Lam ...

Ravens Cancel Practice For Team-Building Exercise
Press Box
21, it was the perfect time for head coach John Harbaugh to cancel the Aug. 20 session and take his team on an unspecified team-building exercise. Last year, at the start of training camp, Harbaugh took his team to the Civil War battlefields at ...

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GROTZ: Kelly's military philosophy key in team building
The Times Herald
“I think it's more about unity, it's more about team building and it's more about just coming together as a unit, as one cohesive team trying to accomplish one specific goal and that's to win a championship. When you get a band of brothers to come ...

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Litter-picking for team-building
West Briton
A GROUP of Cornwall Council employees carried out a beach-clean as part of the March Clean Cornwall event as a team-building exercise. Each year the Cornwall Council Affordable Housing Team make use of the council's employee volunteering scheme, ...

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Immediate Response 14 kicks off with team building exercises
U.S. Army 1st Lt. Valerie Bryant, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade, assists her teammates with tire flips as part of a physical fitness competition during exercise Immediate Response 14 Aug. 19, 2014 in Postojna, Slovenia.

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