Can I Guess Your Password?

We all know that it's dangerous to use the same password for more than one program. If you sign up for a program run by someone of low moral fibre, what is to stop them running through various programs with your username and password to see what they can access?... Read More

Dont Miss Information Because of Misinformation

It has been said that with the wealth of information, freely available, the Internet has the ability to make you smarter, faster, than any other medium on the planet. Of course with an equal amount of mis-information, it also has the ability to make you dumber, faster, than any other... Read More

Behavior to Stay Safer Online

1. Importance of a Virus Scanner: A Antivirus program can help to prevent you from becoming infected with a Virus or Trojan. It is extremely important to make sure this program is updated at least once a week, and all drives are scanned. Viruses usually are used to destroy your... Read More

Protect Your Little Black Book

The movie Little Black Book features a young woman, Stacy, who is frustrated when her boyfriend refuses to share information about his past relationships. When his PDA, a Palm Tungsten C, falls into her hands, she is faced with a conundrum. Does she give it back, or does she explore... Read More

Spy Scanners ? Don?t Compromise your Privacy

Spies, spyware, internet parasites are among what they are usually called. These are scouts that monitor your web activities. The work undercover to check on your surfing patterns, spending habits, items bought, they extract email addresses, hijack browsers, steal credit card information. These are just some of the things a... Read More

How to Manage Your Username and Password The Easy and Secure Way

Have been an Internet user for more than 9 years, I have 100's of logins and passwords to keep. I'm paranoid. I'm now even more paranoid after I joined YMMSS because I use online payment systems on weekly basis if not daily.I used to use Microsoft Excel to manage my... Read More

5 Simple Steps to Protect your Digital Downloads

A couple of days ago, I was searching for a popular eBook online. Now I'm not going to tell you the name of this eBook for reasons you'll understand in the next few minutes. Okay, so here I was, opening Google, entering the name of the eBook - clicking... Read More

Information Security for E-businessmen: Just a Couple of Ideas

If you constantly deal with bank or electronic accounts, it must be your worst nightmare--to wake up and learn that you are a bankrupt. Some crook stole your personal data and all the money you have been sweating blood for years has flown to somebody else's account. Almost everybody must... Read More

I Spy...Something Terribly Wrong (In Your Computer)

This really chapped my lips...I recently bought a new computer. Mine was getting old, had lost its whistle, and the few remaining bells didn't ding a nicely as they had in the past. Yep, it was time for a new state-of-the art dream machine with CD burner. DVD player, a... Read More

Mall Protection

The Loss Prevention Manager should be receptive to the needs and objectives of upper management and work to prevent and reduce loss from crime, fire accidents etc.With the continuing threats brought to us by our AL Quaeda and Taliban enemies and the outbreak of new TV shows that reinforce the... Read More

In The News:


A Rainbow-Colored Horse That Takes Aim at Homeland Security
The show's title is a play on Prism—both the clandestine National Security Agency program that collected online data from foreign nationals and the lens that was Sprigg's medium for the project. “The notion of transparency for example is a key part of ...


Palestinian Council Questions Security Arrangement With Israel
New York Times
RAMALLAH, West Bank — A Palestinian leadership body called Thursday night for curtailing longstanding security coordination with Israel, but left decisions on when or whether to take such a step to President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority ...
Palestinian leaders say they'll cut security coordination with IsraelReuters
Palestine Announces Plans to Stop Security Coordination With IsraelNewsweek
Palestine to suspend security coordination with IsraelRT
The Guardian
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Bangor Daily News

Clinton e-mail review could find security issues
Washington Post
A State Department review of Hillary Rodham Clinton's e-mails from her time leading the agency could reveal whether she violated security policies with her use of a private e-mail server, a senior department official said Thursday night. The agency is ...
State Department reviewing whether Clinton emails violated security rulesBangor Daily News
Clinton's email built for privacy though not securityPittsburgh Post-Gazette
Clinton's Tweet Doesn't Answer Security and Transparency Concerns. And ...National Journal
ABC News -The Herald-News
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Intuit Failed at 'Know Your Customer' Basics
Krebs on Security
Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, recently introduced several changes to beef up the security of customer accounts following a spike in tax refund fraud at the state and federal level. Unfortunately, those changes don't go far enough. Here's a look at ...

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Exclusive: Blackstone seeks sale of AlliedBarton Security Services - sources
(Reuters) - Blackstone Group LP (BX.N) is exploring a sale of AlliedBarton Security Services in a deal that could value the largest U.S. security officer services company at around $1.5 billion, including debt, according to people familiar with the matter.

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Here And Now

Social Security: How To Get What's Yours
Here And Now
Today, like every day, some 10,000 baby boomers will reach retirement age and become eligible to receive Social Security benefits. A new book explains that how and when you tap into Social Security benefits can dramatically alter how much money you get.
Untangling Social Security survivor
Will Social Security Still Be Around When I Retire?WBUR
Social Security Q&A: Can't I Get a Lump Sum Payment of My Social Security ...Forbes
InvestmentNews -CBS News -Wall Street Journal (blog)
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New York Times

A Look at US Diplomatic Security Around the World
ABC News
The State Department hasn't described the level of security that accompanied ambassador Mark Lippert to a breakfast meeting held by a Korean non-governmental group where, police say, a man with a long history of anti-American protests slashed Lippert's ...
Where was Mark Lippert's security detail?Hot Air

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Credit Card Breach at Mandarin Oriental
Krebs on Security
In response to questions from KrebsOnSecurity, upscale hotel chain Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group today confirmed that its hotels have been affected by a credit card breach. mandarin Reached for comment about reports from financial industry sources ...

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Fraudsters exploit weak bank security process to add fake cards on Apple Pay
Digital Trends
Where there's a will, there's a way, and it seems that fraudsters have finally found a way into Apple Pay. However, the problem seems to be less with Apple's security system, and more with individual banks' processes for verifying credit cards for the ...
Banks Need to Increase Security Measures in Apple Pay, Experts SayVICE News

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Woman In Custody After MIA “Security Incident”
CBS Local
Detective Alvaro Zabaleta, with Miami-Dade Police, said the situation “appears to be a direct attempt to do a security breach through the front door utilizing the vehicle.” Investigators said at this time there appears to be no terroristic ties but ...

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Spy Scanners ? Don?t Compromise your Privacy

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3 Steps to Ending Scams and Virus Problems

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IPv6 - Next Step In IP Security

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Corporate Security for Your Home Business

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5 Tips For An Unbreakable Password

Despite the current wave of identity theft and corporate security... Read More