Not Enough Fresh Sales Leads? Marketing is the New Sales

Your sales are down and leads are rare. The phone's not ringing. Let's blame marketing!If you join this band wagon to rationalize your poor sales results, you need to step up and take responsibility for your own fate. It's amazing how often sales teams play the victim here. They blame... Read More

Getting Off The Advertising And Sales Rollercoaster

Seeing the results of advertising your business can be like watching a roller coaster. The day you run your ad you see a flurry of activity; your ph0ne starts ringing, your web site traffic increases and/ or potential clients visit your store. Your hopes soar. sales go up. Two or... Read More

Increase Your Sales - Accept Credit Cards

Many people today simply prefer the convenience of paying by credit card. If you want their business, you must be able to accept their credit-card payments. In part one of this series we will discuss why you should accept credit cards, and the basics of getting merchant status. Part two... Read More

Increase Your Sales Accept Credit Cards, Part 2

In part two we will discuss overcoming objections, which credit cards to accept and using the check paying option. If your business is home-based or has been in operation for less than two years, you're likely to face objections from the bank. If yours is a home-based or a brand-new... Read More

4 Marketing Myths Threaten Your Sales

These 4 marketing myths can cause you to lose sales if you base your marketing decisions on them. But the related marketing tips I included with each myth will boost your sales if you act on them instead.Myth 1: People Always Buy Where They Get the Cheapest PriceIf this... Read More

The Sales Carpenter

I remember moving my family to Argentina as Vice President of Sales for Latin America. I was in charge of managing five regional offices, Argentina of course being one of them.In the company's ten year history of selling into Latin America it had never exceeded $14 million (M) in annual... Read More

Transforming Your Sales Force by Creating Specific Expectations

I just finished a phone call with a potential client who had called to discuss a problem. His 18 person sales force was paid on straight commission. All had been with the company for 8 - 15 years and were earning healthy incomes. His problem was that he couldn't get... Read More

Raise Concern About Sales Competition, Not About Yourself

As you are reading this sales article, read very carefully. Because I wouldn't want you to think of a pig right now. No, do not think of a fat, brown, smelly pig right this moment. What are you doing? Do you have a picture of a smelly, fat, brown pig... Read More

Speed-up Your Sales Cycle

This week's article is my response to a question by David Cohen of Bridge-Soft. "Quite a few prospects have told me that business is stagnant at the moment, but they are hopeful towards the 4th quarter. How do you approach the sales cycle where the cost of the product... Read More

Sales Tactics to Beat Your Competition

This month I want to share a success from a friend and customer of mine. You'll find in this story two important sales tactics for beating your competition. From Chris Chalmers of Quova Inc: "We sell a commodity product (geographic data) that is available from a variety of competitors and... Read More

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The Martial Arts Of Customer Relationship Management
Salesforce is vulnerable to this attack because they primarily deliver value to sales management and operations. Startups typically avoid these decision makers at first, instead driving adoption from the bottom of the sales organization up. Startups ...
The Insider Marc Benioff Sold 12500 shares of, inc. (NYSE:CRM)

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Stewart Title Promotes Goodenough to Group Sales Manager of Direct Operations (press release)
Stewart TitleĀ® announced the promotion of Mick Goodenough to group sales manager of Stewart Title Direct Operations. A Stewart associate since 1999, Goodenough formerly served as Stewart Title's group sales trainer, and has recently been leading the ...


Asset managers increase sales efforts to RIAs
Asset managers increased the headcounts for their RIA-specific sales teams by 17 percent between 2013 and 2014, and 42 percent are saying they plan to increase their firepower this year, specifically for targeting the RIA channel, according to a new ...

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Tips For Hiring Headhunters To Recruit Sales Managers
Business 2 Community
Companies in all different stages come to our sales management recruiters. Clients tell us they find value in our recruiting process because we have found it necessary to alter the interviewing process to individual searches and individual job seekers ...

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6 Simple, Powerful Tools For B2B Sales Management
Business 2 Community
If you're anything like me, you're always looking for options that are easy to use, that integrate easily into your sales cycle, and that provide the most value to the prospect you're talking to. So to help your search, here are six tools that have ...

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Deadly Sales Management Trend #3: Data Overload
Business 2 Community
This is the third in a new series of blogs where we identify 5 deadly trends that are hobbling sales management and then provide tactical ideas for overcoming with each one. See Trend #1 here and Trend #2 here. We continue our series of deadly sales ...

Why Your B2B Sales Reps Are Not Meeting Quota (+ 4 Ways to Change That)
Business 2 Community
There's a difference between micro-managing and active managing. The truth is, sales is tough. All teams need management, support and constant coaching. Just look at any successful sports team. They are made up of the best of the best, but it takes ...

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Marketing Database Management: Precision Drives Sales
Business 2 Community
Working with our client-base of medium to global enterprises here at Novacom, we regularly take on and manage client data, normally when setting up email marketing campaigns for them, or when running marketing automation programmes on their behalf.

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Deadly Sales Management Trend #2: Lack of a Common Language
Business 2 Community
This is the second in a new series of blogs where we identify 5 deadly trends that are hobbling sales management and then provide tactical ideas for overcoming with each one. See Trend #1 here. If there is a single, unrecognized issue that we see ...

The Catering Institute to Host Catering Sales Management Workshop
The Catering Institute to Host Catering Sales Management Workshop Vancouver, B.C. ( The Catering Instituteā„¢ wants to help restaurant operators continue to grow sales and increase profits by offering its second Catering Sales ...

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Sacking Clients: Brand Power Wheel

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Generous Donor Refused (how qualified business slipped away)

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Increasing Sales by Using Coupons - Will it Help Your Business?

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Increase Your Sales - Accept Credit Cards

Many people today simply prefer the convenience of paying by... Read More

Keeping Your Sales Team Motivated

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3 Ways to Increase Your Sales

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Increase Retail Sales With Meetups

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Discounting Your Way Into Sales Oblivion

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The Nine Warning Signs that You Need a Sales Video

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Sales Competence Isn?t About Quota Performance!

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Sales Plan? Whats a Sales Plan?

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Why Performance-Based Recruiting Produces Top Sales Performers

Many recruiting ads and job descriptions include "knockout factors" that... Read More

Free to Succeed: Effective Sales Leadership Using A Coach Approach

About 2 years ago, I participated in a training program... Read More