Reelect President Bush for the 2nd term: Evidence & Proofs

Why President Bush should have his second term? The arguments can be drawn from Gas price, Job creation and War in Iraq scientifically. If it is scientific, it must observe the same result, test in the same experiment and constitute a mathematical truth. For example, we all know that goose... Read More

Pending Oil Crisis

Heavens, what are we up against? It seems these days that we are inundated with worsening situations, not just in Canada but worldwide: Increasing terrorism threats; Global arrests of Al Qaeda operatives; More corruption in our Canadian Liberal federal government; A backlash against Official Bilingualism resulting in Mini Official Bilingualism... Read More

Colts? Stadium Short on Horse Sense

The predominant discussion in the Indianapolis media over the proposed $500 million Colts stadium is how to fund it, not over the wisdom and propriety of taxpayers going into debt to build it.Apparently the leaders of both major political parties in Indiana have signed off on the concept, including a... Read More

A Cheap Holiday in Other Peoples Misery (catching up with Mordechai Vanunu in Israel)

One of my favourite pieces of music is the Sex Pistols' classic 'Holidays in the Sun' - a song that begins with the line, 'a cheap holiday in other people's misery'. This would have made a fitting epitaph for my holiday in Israel, except that the $3000 air ticket meant... Read More

Simple Middle East Peace Plan


Bush Panders America?s Kids to Saudi Pederasts

President Bush and Secretary Powell should hang their heads in shame. The administration professes to value America's children and touts the phrase "No Child Left Behind." Simultaneously, they have abandoned an estimated 16,000 American children abroad.According to Joel Mowbray's book "Dangerous Diplomacy," the children have been kidnapped by their parents... Read More

Top 30 Politics Quotations

"It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs." -- Albert Einstein"Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles." -- Ambrose Bierce"Man is by nature a political animal." -- Aristotle"I have come to the conclusion... Read More

The ?Manchurian Candidate?: Lee Harvey Oswald?

An American soldier is taken behind enemy lines and brainwashed as an unwitting assassin by communists in league with American political figures. This soldier then returns to the States to kill a presidential candidate as part of a political scheme to escalate and exploit Cold War tensions.Sound familiar? It does... Read More

Abu Ghraib: Our Surprise is the only Surprise

As pictures and videos surface showing young American soldiers humiliating and dehumanizing Iraqi prisoners, we, as a society, recoil in disgust and disbelief. Friends and family of those charged with such crimes, shake their heads in bewilderment and assure the world that the perpetrators are normal, caring, loving individuals without... Read More

A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part I)

Just as everyone has breathed a sigh of relief at the end of 2004 presidential campaign, I would like to take a quick look ahead to 2008. Unless George W. Bush is unable to complete his second term, 2008 will bring the third open presidential election (no incumbent running) in... Read More

In The News:

Wall Street Journal

More Americans Support Mixing Religion and Politics
Wall Street Journal
Rodriguez, who heads a national organization of Hispanic evangelicals and is outspoken on political issues including immigration policy and gay marriage, may be giving his Sacramento, Calif., congregation exactly what more Americans want. According to ...
More Americans want religion in their politicsCBS News
Poll: Americans want more politics with their preachingWashington Times
Americans say they want more religion in their politicsChicago Sun-Times
Washington Post (blog) -The American Prospect -Pew Research Center
all 160 news articles »

NJ Politics Roundup: Christie's weight, gas tax, gun control bill, and more
The Star-Ledger
... Livio, and Steve Strunsky, and Times of Trenton reporters Michelle Caffrey and Mike Davis contributed to this report. Brent Johnson may be reached at Follow him on Twitter @johnsb01. Find Politics on Facebook.
Chris Christie builds profile as he eyes 2016 presidential runCNN
NJ respects that Christie loves SpringsteenKSPR

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Climate Change: It's About People, Not Politics
Huffington Post
When you think of climate change, it's important to remember that it's not about the politics behind the issue, it's about the people on our planet. That's why I woke up on Sunday morning to march with 400,000 strangers at NYC's People's Climate March ...
Are we at the tipping point on climate-change politics?SFGate

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Meet the of politics
"It's really a simple way for people to engage in politics," said Steve Hilton, a former top adviser to British Prime Minister David Cameron who is Crowdpac's co-founder and CEO. Hilton formally launched the site earlier this month with Stanford ...

How Facebook Can Predict Your Politics, Your Love Life, And Even Your ...
Oh sure — the reality TV stars inhabit a different universe than most Americans. But their names aren't as unusual as you might think. If you have a brother or sister, you're about 57% more likely to share his or her first initial than can be chalked ...

Register, Bloomberg team up on politics coverage
The Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics are forging a new partnership. Check out the details from Register President and Publisher Rick Green and Bloomberg Politics Managing Editors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann Bloomberg Politics.
Bloomberg Politics and Des Moines Register Announce Polling and Reporting

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New York Times

Gary Hart Didn't Ruin Politics
Bloomberg View
Senator Gary Hart's fall in 1987, after the Miami Herald exposed the Democratic presidential candidate's affair, forever changed the way the media covers politicians' personal scandals. Everyone knows that. Over the weekend, though, journalists Matt ...
How Gary Hart's downfall didn't really change American politics all that muchWashington Post

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Governor's road money -- taking politics out or adding it back?
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Road building in North Carolina has often met at the corner of politics and money. North Carolina's Governor Pat McCrory and the GOP controlled legislature both say they've come up with a new formula for funding roads, taking the ...


New York Times Launches 'First Draft' Politics Site And Newsletter
Huffington Post
The Times, online and in print, covers the day's big news and often looks more broadly at the political landscape. And Times reporters routinely tweet immediate insights and news nuggets. But the Times has lagged behind competitors in having venue for ...
Biden: 'Politics has become too personal'USA TODAY
NY Times Launches Politics Site,
The New York Times Debuts “First Draft,” New Politics Site and Daily NewsletterMarketWatch
MediaPost Communications
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Avoiding old mistakes in the new game of Islamic politics
Washington Post (blog)
A decade or two ago, there was impressive expertise in the city on matters of security and political economy in the Arab world: Washington talk could share much about the personalities of Arab leaders, the capabilities of Arab militaries and the ...

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Where have all the Heroes gone

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May Day, May Day

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A Need to Review Abortion Laws In Belgium

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Anti Government, Pro Democracy

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The Hegemony - Church and State

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Unemployment Iraqi Style

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Boston Bankers

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Fight Terror, With Education

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The Wall of Honor

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Israel Termed A ?Nuclear Power? By US Officials

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Bill OReilly: You Got This One Wrong!

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The Halakah and Neo Cons

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The Professions of the Future

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Rule of Thumb For Exporting Technology

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Six Sigma Can Improve Government Practices

Government bodies at any level, local, state, and Federal, can... Read More

From Democracy to Omniocracy

Clint Eastwood recently plunged into the murky political pond with... Read More