Travel and Scenic Photography 101

When you're driving through the mountains somewhere, and you notice a car parked half off the road and some guy leaning to the left to avoid a branch with his Rebel 2000 camera in the act of focusing, you've met me. I do this because, to me, a trip... Read More

Using Film Speed Effectively

So you have this great new camera. Now you're standing in front of a display of more film that you've ever seen. All you want to do is take some great family photos but you don't know where to start. Here's short guide to help you get started.Film speed is... Read More

Using Film Speed Effectively (Black & White Film Thoughts)

It's hard to find sometimes but it's making a resurgence, black and white film. If you've never used this film now is the time to try it out. Here are some tips to using b&w film and what you can expect from the results.1. Forget color. This is the hardest... Read More

Everybody is Fixing Their House or Apartment Up These Days. Use That Digital Camera to Capture

That's right, you go through all the trouble of making your house or apartment nicer by hauling yourself off to the local fix it yourself store or hiring some professionals to come in and do it for you, so why not capture an accurate record of it for posterity. At... Read More

Photography 101 Part 1

Photography 101 Part One Equipment: camera, meter, flash, tripod This article is a simplified photography course directed at new photographers out there who want to know where to start. If you really want to learn photography the first thing you need is a good affordable and reliable camera. It must,... Read More

Tame Those Memories

Family vacations, summer weddings and family reunions are in full swing, and the warm memories and envelopes of photographs are ever growing! You certainly intend to organize them -- but the boxes in the attic are full of intentions, and now the photograph CDs are being to pile up! What... Read More

Bracketing and How To Use Tt Correctly...

What Is... Exposure BracketingExposure bracketing is a simple technique professional photographers use to ensure they properly expose their pictures, especially in challenging lighting situations.When you expose for a scene, your camera's light meter will select an aperture / shutter speed combination that it believes will give a properly exposed picture.Exposure... Read More

Choosing The Right Digital Camera

Let's get something straight right out of the box. If you're looking to buy a new digital camera, you don't really have to be an expert in pixels and mega pixels and all that kind of stuff. If you expect to find that kind of deep technical discussion here, you're... Read More

How Can I Preserve My Lifetime of Memories in Photographs?

Like most folks you have probably have organized and sorted your photos atleast once. The problem is they never seem to stay organized no matter how hard you try, and even if they do they seem to lack that original impact that they had shortly after you took them or... Read More

Digital Cameras and Digital Photography

Before you rush into buying your digital camera this holiday season make sure your properly informed. Many consumers during the holiday season rush into purchasing electronic equipment in a mad panic to get that high end gift for their loved one or spouse.Take the time to resource all the models... Read More

In The News:

How The World Of Crime Photography Has Changed Since 1920
Huffington Post
Back in the 1920s, '30s and '40s, crime photography was a whole different breed than it is today. For starters, there were big name photographers like Arthur Fellig, also known as Weegee, who roamed the night-cloaked streets with almost supernatural ...

Peters students showcase their photography
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
An exhibit titled "The Gallery" at Peters Township Public Library showcases some of the best work created by students taking photography classes at Peters Township High School as well as members of the school's photography club. "The purpose of the ...


S.A. woman gains support in crusade to ban improper photography
SAN ANTONIO -- A local woman gained support in her fight to get the state to ban improper photography at public places Wednesday. Halie Powell took up the crusade after she said a man recorded a video up her skirt at La Cantera in April 2014 ...

5280 | The Denver Magazine

7 Must-See Exhibitions from Month of Photography Denver
5280 | The Denver Magazine
It's one of the Denver art community's favorite times of year: Month of Photography Denver (MoP), which is making its sixth biennial appearance in the Mile High City. (If we're being technical, it's actually Months of Photography, plural, as many shows ...

artnet News

Wolfgang Tillmans Wins 2015 Hasselblad Photography Award
artnet News
Tillmans will be presented with the prize at a ceremony in Gothenburg, Sweden on November 30, 2015. On December 1, the Hasselblad Center will open an exhibition of Tillman's work, in conjunction with the launch of his new book and a symposium with the ...
Wolfgang Tillmans Wins The 2015 Hasselblad Photography AwardHUH.
Wolfgang Tillmans Wins The Hasselblad Photography Award 2015ArtLyst
Wolfgang Tillmans wins 2015 Hasselblad AwardE-Flux

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William and Mary News

W&M launches first art photography class
William and Mary News
Old process, new class Photography Professor Eliot Dudik works with students creating cyanotypes, a primitive photographic process. Dudik's class represents W&M's first foray into programming an art photography curriculum. Photo by Stephen Salpukas.

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Everything is awesome — especially this Lego photography exhibit
“In Lego, We Connect” will feature the work of three photographers whose adventurous subjects are shiny, plastic and never more than a couple inches tall. “I do not look at the Lego as a toy,” said photographer Vesa Lehtimaki, better known as @Avanaut.

Butt Bat Girl: Japan's latest trick photography craze that combines sports ...
The photography project is the unusual brainchild of Shinya Nishimura, creative director of the free newspaper Okinawa Bishojo Zukan. Called Ketsu Bat Girls, its name translates out to “Butt Bat Girls,” although the emphasis seems to be much more on ...

Garry Winogrand: the man who defined street photography
During the 1950s and 1960s the photographer Garry Winogrand stalked the sidewalks of New York, armed with his camera and dozens of rolls of film, photographing the daily lives of the city's inhabitants. He was relentless, good-naturedly confrontational ...


'RIP DIY' Photography Exhibit Preview: Williamsburg's Changing Soundscape
On March 5, photographer Nicki Ishmael, who used to be a part of now-defunct house performance space Dead Herring (now Cloud City), will unveil a selection of curated photographs from these vacated venues. Entitled "RIP DIY A Group Photography Show ...

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Let Those Digital Photos Out! (You Don?t Have To Print Them Yourself)

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