Chihuahua Training is Easy!

Chihuahua Training is Easy! You may be wondering if Chihuahua training is easy or hard. Well, from my experience it is very easy! If you've already managed to raise a dog with behavioral problems (this is easy too!) you can correct them in a very natural way by following a... Read More

Picking Up A Horses Hoof

The idea of picking up a horse's hooves can intimidate some owners since a well-placed horse kick would really hurt! Such caution is good, but in reality if you pick up a horse's hoof properly you provide him with no leverage or ability to kick you. This is a situation... Read More

You Cant Fool A Horse

By Jeffrey Rolocopyright 2004 AlphaHorseIn the dating world many men and women put their potential partners to a "dog test," whereby they introduce their date to their dog and see how the dog reacts to the stranger. If the dog reacts badly towards their date then a red flag is... Read More

With Understanding Comes Success

One of the reasons I strongly encourage horse owners to train their own horses rather than ship them away to a professional trainer is familiarity. Quite simply, an unfamiliar party will not understand your horse nearly as well as you, and this understanding of a horse is the backbone of... Read More

Nutrition and Your Dogs Behavior

Nutrition and Your Dog's Behavior Proper nutrition is the fundamental basis for every aspect of your dog's life. It affects their health and longevity by offering an essential balance of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates and the trace nutrients and minerals their bodies need for growth, repair and the mantainance of... Read More

Probiotics - The Good Bacteria

PROBIOTICS - The Good Bacteria - Does your pet have digestion problems, diarrhea, skin problems, food intolerances, or other chronic health problems? Supplement with a high quality pet probiotic to restore your pet's healthy gut, and chances are you'll improve your pet's health.A probiotic, sometimes referred to as good or... Read More

Natural Approaches to Dealing With Pesky Fleas

Problems with Commercial Flea Killers & TraditionalFlea Bite Treatments***Chemicals that act as poisons are strong enough tokill fleas, but the long term effects on pets areunknown, although they are probably not safe touse. (Employees manufacturing these products mustwear protective clothing and use respirators.Plus, the product labels warn against skin contact.So,if... Read More

Pet Ear Infections

Is your dog or cat tormented by ear infections? Do you spend time and money at the veterinarian's office trying to bring relief to your beloved pet, only to find that another infection appears over time? If so, you may want to try some more natural approaches to preventing and... Read More

Pilling a Cat

Pilling a cat can be a "nightmarish" experience. Cats don't want something pushed down their throats, and they'll fight with all their might to prevent it. In fact, it's amazing how powerful their small bodies can be. Here are some ways to make the pilling process easier and less stressful... Read More

Seizures in Pets

Witnessing your precious dog or cat having a seizure can be a most frightening experience. During seizures pets often lose control, fall over, chomp their teeth, salivate or drool, whine, paddle with their feet, and begin to urinate or deficate on themselves. Their eyes become large (dilated) and unresponsive. A... Read More

In The News:

Slate Magazine

Scientists Finally Figured Out What Makes Pets Look Like Their Owners
Slate Magazine
When shown a photo lineup of random people and random dogs, people are able to match the pets with their owners at a rate greater than chance. At first, researchers thought there must be something obvious going on here, something that boils down to a ...

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Five Hidden Dangers Summer Can Pose to Pets
As people head outdoors to enjoy the summer weather, one of the ways many choose to do so is by spending time with their pets. However, there are certain health hazards that owners should be aware of to make sure their four-legged friends remain safe ...

St. George Daily Spectrum

Pets needing people
St. George Daily Spectrum
We Care for Animals' (WCFA) featured pets are Andy, Katie and Sara, three cute kittens about 11 weeks old. These cute kittens are about 11 weeks old and have had their first vaccines. Andy is black with white trim and his sisters are beautiful calicos.

Specially-designed ambulance provides emergency care for pets
FOX 13 Tampa Bay, WTVT-TV
Cheryl Brady responds to calls as quickly as any first responder, but her patients aren't humans -- they're pets. When she gets the call from Manatee County EMS, she heads out in her specially-designed animal ambulance. "We have a full set of pet ...

The Courier-Journal

Animal rescue groups host events, offer pets, seek volunteers: Animals in the News
The Plain Dealer -
Primping in Fairlawn for pets: Primp the Hair Salon and One of A Kind Pet Rescue host Primping for Pets from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 6, at 139 Ghent Road. Come with shampooed hair and get a cut, lunch and entertainment for a $20 donation.
High temperatures pose threat to petsKY3
Humane Society: Foster pets make great hobbySavannah Morning News
Hot temperatures dangerous for petsWTOC
South County Mail -The Courier-Journal
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Rachael Ray challenge helping SA save more shelter pets
SAN ANTONIO — As the days of competing in the 2014 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge come to a close, Animal Care Services credits community support for a recent increase in saving the lives of shelter pets. Shelter staff members said 12,067 ...
ACS releases statistics as shelter heads into national contest's final daysLa prensa

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Pets Q&A: Focus on fetch, not squirrels
Buffalo News
I suggest you keep your dog on a long leash (purchase one triple the length of an ordinary 6-foot leash at a pet store or online) and only allow your dog in the yard with you and wearing that long leash. Also, play fetch with Jack so he's focused on ...

Organization helps care for pets in extreme heat
KMBC Kansas City
Kerns and her group work strictly in the heart of Kansas City, offering help to people who struggle to put food on the table, much less provide it to their pets. "We have about 200 people that are just kind of regulars and we get more all the time ...

CBS Local

Colorado university lets students keep pets in dorms
While some colleges and universities allow small-caged pets, a slowly growing number of schools are letting undergraduate students bring other pets to live with them. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology allows cats in designated "cat-friendly" areas.
UNC Lets Students Keep Pets In DormsCBS Local
Colorado College Lets Students Keep Pets in DormsABC News

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Eat. Drink. Better.

Are Rabbits Pets or Meat?
The Atlantic
No one is talking about selling kittens and puppies at the meat counter, but for the group of bunny-loving pet owners protesting near the Whole Foods in Union Square, they might as well be. Fifty or so women and men of all ages carry signs, pass out ...
Rabbits: Adorable Pets Or Delicious Feast?Gothamist
Whole Foods Wants to Feed You BunniesDaily Beast

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