Chihuahua Training is Easy!

Chihuahua Training is Easy! You may be wondering if Chihuahua training is easy or hard. Well, from my experience it is very easy! If you've already managed to raise a dog with behavioral problems (this is easy too!) you can correct them in a very natural way by following a... Read More

Picking Up A Horses Hoof

The idea of picking up a horse's hooves can intimidate some owners since a well-placed horse kick would really hurt! Such caution is good, but in reality if you pick up a horse's hoof properly you provide him with no leverage or ability to kick you. This is a situation... Read More

You Cant Fool A Horse

By Jeffrey Rolocopyright 2004 AlphaHorseIn the dating world many men and women put their potential partners to a "dog test," whereby they introduce their date to their dog and see how the dog reacts to the stranger. If the dog reacts badly towards their date then a red flag is... Read More

With Understanding Comes Success

One of the reasons I strongly encourage horse owners to train their own horses rather than ship them away to a professional trainer is familiarity. Quite simply, an unfamiliar party will not understand your horse nearly as well as you, and this understanding of a horse is the backbone of... Read More

Nutrition and Your Dogs Behavior

Nutrition and Your Dog's Behavior Proper nutrition is the fundamental basis for every aspect of your dog's life. It affects their health and longevity by offering an essential balance of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates and the trace nutrients and minerals their bodies need for growth, repair and the mantainance of... Read More

Probiotics - The Good Bacteria

PROBIOTICS - The Good Bacteria - Does your pet have digestion problems, diarrhea, skin problems, food intolerances, or other chronic health problems? Supplement with a high quality pet probiotic to restore your pet's healthy gut, and chances are you'll improve your pet's health.A probiotic, sometimes referred to as good or... Read More

Natural Approaches to Dealing With Pesky Fleas

Problems with Commercial Flea Killers & TraditionalFlea Bite Treatments***Chemicals that act as poisons are strong enough tokill fleas, but the long term effects on pets areunknown, although they are probably not safe touse. (Employees manufacturing these products mustwear protective clothing and use respirators.Plus, the product labels warn against skin contact.So,if... Read More

Pet Ear Infections

Is your dog or cat tormented by ear infections? Do you spend time and money at the veterinarian's office trying to bring relief to your beloved pet, only to find that another infection appears over time? If so, you may want to try some more natural approaches to preventing and... Read More

Pilling a Cat

Pilling a cat can be a "nightmarish" experience. Cats don't want something pushed down their throats, and they'll fight with all their might to prevent it. In fact, it's amazing how powerful their small bodies can be. Here are some ways to make the pilling process easier and less stressful... Read More

Seizures in Pets

Witnessing your precious dog or cat having a seizure can be a most frightening experience. During seizures pets often lose control, fall over, chomp their teeth, salivate or drool, whine, paddle with their feet, and begin to urinate or deficate on themselves. Their eyes become large (dilated) and unresponsive. A... Read More

In The News:

WESH Orlando

Make sure your pets are ready for a tropical storm
WESH Orlando
ORLANDO, Fla. —You may have compiled the perfect plan for you and your family in case of a natural disaster, but have you done the same for your pets? Orange County Animal Services provided tips on how to make sure your furry friends stay safe.
Tropical storm Erika: Are your pets ready for a serious storm?Palm Beach Post (blog)

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Pets Are People Too, Especially When It Comes To Their Food
It's a shame that so many brand and product teams tend to shy away from entry into already crowded marketplaces — because crowds usually follow the action — in this case, the dollars. Likewise, crowds often look remarkably similar as they grow ...
Spot's Corner: Pets need good dental health, tooSavannah Morning News
A pet is for life: so which is best for you?The Independent
Raw food pet diets a boon for Guelph businessGuelph Mercury
Yahoo News Canada (blog)
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pet Points: Heart disease common even in apparently healthy cats
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Cats make terrific pets and they are easy to care for. Provide good quality food, a scrupulously clean litter box, environmental enrichment and some love and they are happy. An indoor cat can live many years with few problems. One difficult medical ...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pet Tales: Signing of Michael Vick brings howls of protest
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
When the former fighters wag their tails as we pet them, and we gaze into their sad-but-still-trusting eyes, we ask ourselves, “How could they?” So it's not difficult to understand the angry reactions to the signing of Michael Vick as the Steelers ...

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Katrina brought changes that save pets lives
Montgomery Advertiser
There were the cats and dogs, but also the pet birds ... and lizards. About 150 animals were placed at the Montgomery Humane Society in August 2005, after hundreds of thousands of pets were either displaced or killed by Hurricane Katrina as main rescue ...
Birmingham helped with pets abandoned during Hurricane Katrina 10 years agoWBRC FOX6 -
Katrina changed the way we think about
Remembering family pets rescued after Hurricane
Brunswick News
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Orlando Sentinel

Don't forget pets in storm planning: Editorial
Orlando Sentinel
If you've lived in Florida any length of time, you know the drill. You know what to stock up on at the grocery and hardware stores. You know about having your important papers in a dry place. But what about your pets? Fido and Fifi can't prepare ...

Journal Gazette and Times-Courier

Pets of the Week
Journal Gazette and Times-Courier
This dog and cat are available for adoption at the County Animal Rescue and Education Center. The cat is "Patty," a 2- to 3-year-old spayed white/orange female. She has a brother, a 2- to 3-year-old neutered orange/white male. They are both housebroken ...


Company rolls out new 'Amber Alert' system for pets
An estimated ten million pets go missing each year in the US, many of them during disasters. That's why the Weather Channel and the American Humane Association are teaming up with mobiPET on the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to offer a new ...

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The Dodo

Slain Coyote Is Proof Wild Animals Aren't Pets
The Dodo
It's thought that millions of exotic animals are kept as pets throughout the country, and the exotic pet trade has become a multibillion dollar industry. This just goes to show that it's never a good idea to try and domesticate a wild animal and take ...

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Cold Noses: Adoptable Pets of the Week
Florida Times-Union
Cold Noses, the Times-Union's weekly pet column, features pets available for adoption at local government-run shelters. For more information and photos of all the animals featured, go to For more pet news, go to ...

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Pet Food Label Secrets Revealed! Know What You Are Feeding Your Dog And Cat

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