Facts about MC Big Proof

Facts about MC Big Proof"If I was you, suicide would be a way of life. If you was me , you'd kill you." (Proof)Before I start talking about D12's gifted Mc Proof, I would like to thank and to give credit to the webmaster of the following Derty Harry website... Read More

The Three 8 Mile Battles

Three battles at the end of the 8 Mile movie made Jimmy Smith aka B. Rabbit a reputation in the rap arena. A real challenge for Jimmy Smith who was left with no voice at the beginning of the movie: a typical case of stage fright. People who are not... Read More

Dont Censor the Music and Artistic Expression

Ann Powers said: "Don't censor the music and artistic expression. Eminem's music, in particular the songs "Kim" and "Stan," is a continuation of a tradition in music and American art in general: the Gothic murder ballad, which has been with us ever since the blues or Appalachian folk music.... Read More

Downloading MP3s Made Easy

The MP3 movement started out with a huge audience of music enthusiasts on the internet. The MP3 digital music format has had, and will continue to have, a huge impart on how people, gather, listen to and share music.The MP3 format is a compression system for digital music that helps... Read More

Facts about Betty Kresin, Eminems grandmother

Betty Kresin, Eminem's grandmother from the maternal side , got married at the age of 14. She got six children from 3 different marriages. She first married Bob Nelson. She gave birth to her daughter Debbie in 1955.She accuses her first husband, Bob Nelson, of being verbally abusive.... Read More

Origins of the Mathers Family

Eminem's roots can be found in Scandinavia through his mother Debbie Nelson and in South Wales through his father Marshall Bruce Mathers II.But Eminem has mostly Scottish blood running through his veins. On both sides( maternal and paternal sides), Scottish roots can be found.Back to the 7 th generation on... Read More

Motorhead Inferno

Motorhead-"Inferno"-Review by Les Lewellyn When David Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame release the sensational CD "Probot" this year it rekindled my metal tastebuds. For those of you not familiar with his project I'll explain. He recorded songs on which he played all instruments and he... Read More

Music Licensing

Music licensing can be a very confusing subject. My intent with this article is to give you enough details on what music licensing is and what are your rights to use music in advertising and / or video productions. A few months ago I was... Read More

Eminem: A Social Commentator

In an interview given to Musik Magazine in 2000, Eminem comments some of his lyrics: 'Please Lord, this boy needs Jesus/Help this child, help him destroy these demons/Please send me a brand new car and a prostitute while my wife is sick in the hospital'. What I'm trying to... Read More

Music Mini Course: Learn The Basics Of Reading Music On A Keyboard Instrument

Welcome to the wonderful world of music. As you begin reading this Music Mini Course it is fun to realize that you are also participating in a very important cultural aspect from around the world which has been going on for centuries. Did you know that pianos in some form... Read More

In The News:

New York Times

Where the Hills and Hollows Are Alive With Music
New York Times
Most of the time, the hollows, as such valleys are known in this part of Appalachia, are quiet, but on Thursday nights for the last 30 years they have come alive with music. The Red Barn is the site of a longstanding tradition in these mountains: old ...

The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com

Mary Black shoves aside Irish cliches with wrenching, beautiful show at Music ...
The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com
CLEVELAND, Ohio – Look, "Danny Boy'' and "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling'' are great songs, but as Mary Black proved Thursday night at the Music Box Supper Club, they are not the end-all, be-all of Irish songs. Those tunes are fine for St. Patrick's Day ...

Radar Online

WATCH: 'Real Housewives' daughter Gia Giudice debuts risque music video ...
The Star-Ledger
No, this is not a Halloween prank. Gia Giudice, the 13-year-old daughter of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star and soon-to-be guest of Club Fed Teresa Giudice, has debuted the first music video by her new girl group 3KT today, in which they shake and ...
Girl Gone Wild! 'RHONJ' Daughter Gia Giudice Debuts Risqué 'Circus' Music ...Radar Online
Teresa Giudice's Daughter Gia, 13, Releases Risque, Questionable Music Video ...Us Magazine
Teresa Giudice's Daughter Gia & Her Girl Group's Music Video "Leaked" by ...E! Online
PerezHilton.com -New York Daily News -Jezebel
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International Business Times

Halloween Music Playlist 2014: An Eclectic Selection Of Scary Songs
International Business Times
The soundtrack to the musician's little-known carnival extravaganza of a musical, called "The Black Rider," featuring lyrics like "the blood will run like ribbons through your hair" (last-minute costume idea, anyone?) may be the best of his albums for ...


TIDAL Sets The Bar High For Music Streaming
While Spotify may be the current king of the hill when it comes to interactive music streaming, and Apple Apple and Google Google threaten to enter the fray in a big way, a new kid on the block may have changed the game for everyone. This week the ...
Tidal launches lossless music streaming in UK and USTelegraph.co.uk
Streaming music startup Tidal bets you'll pay $20/month for better sound qualityVentureBeat

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The Atlantic

The Purest Halloween Music Ever Written
The Atlantic
Halloween music has gone much the way of the holiday over the decades: accumulating camp and kitsch, confectionary fun, friendly monster-on-monster romping, and a sort of innocence that has made the season more about good times than chilling your ...

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Listen to the music NASA sent to space to communicate with aliens
Consequence of Sound
We already know that space generates its own deeply beautiful music. But back in 1977, as mankind thought about its place amongst the stars and the possibility of extraterrestrial life, NASA decided to add to the cosmic symphony with the launch of the ...

The Tennessean

Ed Hardy talks Music Council's role and future
The Tennessean
Hardy, who previously worked as president of the GAC TV network and more recently served as the interim CEO of the Country Music Association, said the Music Council will continue to focus on attracting businesses to Nashville. He talked with Tennessean ...

Port Huron Times Herald

Organ music warms up trick-or-treaters
Port Huron Times Herald
"We have our organist playing spooky music, kind of like 'Phantom of the Opera,' and she really bangs it out, so people going by outside can hear it," said Carol Lavigne, a church member and a resident of China Township. She said the church doesn't ...

Truly spooky music for Halloween, courtesy of Schubert and Fischer-Dieskau
Baltimore Sun
For chilling Halloween music, it's still hard to beat a Franz Schubert song from 1815 -- "Der Erlkonig" ("The Erl-King"). The text by Goethe is spooky enough, telling of a father's frenzied ride on horseback through a windy night, bearing his son, who ...

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