A Summer Wedding

THE sunshine had come out to ensure the wedding of footballer Benji and his wife-to-be Sabine had the perfect backdrop. For the month before the excitement had been growing amongst the players and supporters of St Cernin de l'Herm, a village in the south west of France, as the day... Read More

How to Enhance and Enrich Your Marriage

Any marriage counselor will tell you that one of the most common problems observed when couples come for help is poor communication skills. People get into trouble in their marriages because they have not developed their ability to listen and communicate.Barriers to CommunicationThese are a few of the things that... Read More

Planning Your Wedding - How To Get Organized

You have purchased the latest bridal magazines from your local grocery store and there are pages and pages of photos of beautiful wedding gowns, rings and articles on weddings. Some give you a brief idea of what you need to do to plan your wedding, but you're still not sure... Read More

How to Choose a Pearl Necklace for Your Wedding Day

The elegant beauty of a strand of pearls has fascinated brides for centuries. People believe that wearing pearls on their wedding day will bring bliss to their marriage. Pearls are classic wedding jewelry. How do you choose that perfect pearl necklace? Here are some tips: ... Read More

Thoughts from Deik and Kims Wedding, for You and Your Marriage

Deik and Kim, remember that marriage is a COVENANT relationship. It is not merely a contract of convenience, nor a promise to live together as long as each still feels good about the other. It is a COVENANT to love and care for each other until parted by death, or... Read More

Business Partners & Marital Partners Will The Marriage Survive - Part II

In the last article, we concluded by saying that keeping your business and personal relationships separate is very important to the survival of both your business and your marriage. In this article we will talk about how to achieve this goal.One of the most important ways to accomplish this is... Read More

Business Partners & Marital Partners Will The Marriage Survive - Part I

With today's economy, and the layoffs occurring as a result of these economic conditions, more and more people are opting to start their own business. Due to the low start up costs, the prevalence of home-based businesses is on the rise, many of these started by husband and wife teams.With... Read More

The Reality of Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages have been a topic of interest for centuries. Authors across the ages have explored this theme at length, and it still surfaces in literary works today. What's the appeal? Is it the fascination with the lack of lust and desire we cultivate in North American society? We strive... Read More

A Tale of Two Weddings

In the next six months, my son, daughter, andgrandson are all getting married. Our family isspread across Ontario and the United States, so I'm thankful to be living in the computergeneration. Wedding plans without theadvantage of the Internet and email wouldbe a long, difficult process. ... Read More

Building Up Your Marriage with Healthy Communication

Would you like to have a stronger, healthier, more enjoyable marriage? I am sure that you would. And yet we live in a culture where about half of all marriages will shatter and end in a divorce, leaving behind the wreckage of broken adults and broken children. If we are... Read More

In The News:

CBS News

Study: To boost your odds of a successful marriage, have a big wedding
Los Angeles Times
To improve your odds of a high-quality marriage, try not to have too many sexual partners before you meet “the one.” And when you do find him or her, consider inviting at least 150 people to your wedding. That's just some of the practical advice ...
What The Size Of Your Wedding Might Say About Your MarriageHuffington Post
Who Knew? A Bigger Wedding Could Equal a Happier MarriageYahoo Health
Does a big wedding mean a happier marriage?CBS News
Telegraph.co.uk -Washington Post -Quartz
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How a large wedding could save your marriage
New York Post
Malcolm Gladwell's “How I Ruined My Best Friend's Wedding” has been roiling around on social media. Republished by the Guardian from a book of essays called “The Moth,” the piece recounts how Gladwell, as a young graduate student, decided to sing an ...

SFGate (blog)

The bigger the wedding the happier the marriage?
SFGate (blog)
Researchers found that of those couples who had public wedding ceremonies in front of 150+ guests, 47% reported having higher quality marriages compared to the 31% satisfaction rate of couples in the study who had 50 guests or fewer. Lead researchers ...
Bigger weddings lead to stronger, more resilient marriages, researchers claimNational Post
Why having a big wedding is the key to living happily ever afterThe Province

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Who Knew? Bigger Wedding Could Equal Happier Marriage
Yahoo Health
Eloping at City Hall may seem like a sign of love so true and everlasting there's simply no need to muddle it with elaborate wedding plans. But new research points to another finding: that having a formal wedding — the larger the better, in fact ...


Identical bride and groom both wear wedding dresses for Russia's most ...
Both the brides looked lovely, in fact they looked almost identical as they walked down the aisle side-by-side in Russia's most controversial marriage. In a country where same-sex weddings are banned and homosexuality only declassified as a mental ...

and more »

Christian Post

Want a Successful Marriage? More People at Your Wedding a Good Sign, Study ...
Christian Post
Successful marriages are linked to wedding size and premarital sexual relations, a new study from University of Virginia's National Marriage Project finds. Those with happy marriages were more likely to have had a large number of guests at their ...

South Carolina Group Auctioning Wedding Package to Highlight Marriage ...
Human Rights Campaign (blog)
You can't legally marry in South Carolina, so you'll have to plan a second wedding in one of the 19 states with marriage equality. That might make you rethink that plan of making Charleston your dream wedding destination. Well not if you are part of ...

and more »

Science World Report

What Will Your Wedding Mean For Your Marriage?
Science World Report
Budget, cakes and glittering tiaras all slide through a bridezilla's brain when she's planning for her big day. It all seems silly for most of us looking in from the outside, but did you know that a wedding could potentially influence the quality of ...

More Wedding Guests = Happier Marriage? New Study says 'Yes'.
Pictures-of-Wedding-Rings-1 (WGGB) — The bigger the wedding guest list, the better the marriage. That's according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Denver and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville found that less than a third of ...

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Hunting club agrees to apologize and pay for gay couple's wedding
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Two St. Cloud men getting married this month will have their wedding ceremony and reception paid for by a Little Falls hunting club after it initially refused to be the site of their wedding. The Minnesota Department of Human Rights announced the ...
Minn. Dept. of Human Rights Settles First Same-Sex Marriage Discrimination CaseKSTP.com
Wedding venue settles discrimination case with coupleKARE
Same-sex couple settle wedding venue disputeMankato Free Press

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