Teaching English in Mexico: A Decent Living?

What's more disappointing than a person who makes a promise he can't keep? A person who makes a promise that is a lie. Many promises to make a "decent living" teaching English in Mexico are just that-a lie.If you do a phrase search on Google, "teach English in Mexico," you... Read More

Chinese Pinyin or Hanyu Pinyin Overview

Chinese Pinyin is the romanization of the Chinese "written sound". Romanization approximates Mandarin pronunciation with Western spellings and includes a tone mark to signify the pitch of a word.Just like alphabet A - Z to English, Pinyin provides a phonetic alphabet for Chinese and is taught from Grade 1 in... Read More

English Language Sputtering Online Like an Old Ford!

Sad, but true. Just about everywhere you look online, the English language is suffering a fate worse than death. The problem, in reality, is so widespread that it has begun to affect all aspects of the language. "But, what on Earth does this have to do with Internet marketing?" you... Read More

English Has Come A Long, Long Way...

I often wonder what would happen if Shakespeare were to be transported in a time machine to our world today. What would he think? How would he react?Yes, Willie would probably tell me "thou hast too much time on thy hands if thou spendeth it wondering about such flights of... Read More

Second Language Competence Beneficial but often Misunderstood

Second language learning has associated with it many types of benefits. Among them include: social, economic, intellectual and linguistic. Children who engage in second language learning typically outperform their peers in the area of vocabulary development as well as intellectual development. As important as learning a second language is, learners... Read More

Show Me the Bunny: Language Acquisition

Some children are really funny about experimenting with speech. Nonetheless, the first intelligible words bring such a feeling of elation to a parent. Come on, Sweetie. Show Mumma the bunny. Without saying a word, my little girl points to a plush rabbit.Ever since I read in a parents' newsletter that... Read More

Mexican Living: Todays Obsession

I would like to talk about one of my many obsessions: learning Spanish. I have been thinking about this lately mostly because I am under the impression that, though I've lived in Mexico for two years, my Spanish sucks in a major way.Both Mexicans and Gringos tell me that my... Read More

What Does an Interpreter Do?

Many people get confused as to the difference between an interpreter and a translator. There is a common tendency to think translators interpreter, or that interpreters translate. In fact, the two are very separate jobs requiring different skills. To explain who and/or what an interpreter as opposed to a translator... Read More

Learn Italian in Your Hometown

Are you interested in learning the Italian language right in your own hometown? There are several options that you can explore to find the Italian classes that are just perfect for you! First, you should consider whether you would you enjoy the interaction that takes place among students in group... Read More

Learn Italian in Italy

You can combine your love of the Italian language with an unforgettable experience in the country where the language is spoken by studying Italian in Italy! Hands-down, the best way to learn a foreign language is to live, work, or study in a native speaking environment. Studying Italian in Italy... Read More

In The News:

Times of India

Use of local language can boost GDP, Smriti Irani says
Times of India
NEW DELHI: While the row over removal of German language from Kendriya Vidyalaya curriculum continues, HRD minister Smriti Irani on Friday stressed on use of local languages in education and even suggested translation of scientific terminology in ...
Sanskrit should be recognised as intermediary language: Uma BharatiZee News
German language row: Smriti Irani justifies move, cites ConstitutionIndian Express
German envoy confident of finding a solution to language teaching issue in ...Economic Times
Business Standard -Deccan Chronicle
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Ars Technica

Lost languages leave traces on the brain
Ars Technica
Our brains start soaking in details from the languages around us from the moment we can hear them. One of the first things infants learn of their native languages is the system of consonants and vowels, as well as other speech sound characteristics ...
New Study Finds Lost First Language Still Leaves Traces in BrainDay News

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The Guardian

'Lost' first languages leave permanent mark on the brain, new study reveals
The Guardian
“Lost” first languages leave a permanent mark on the brain, a report this week has found. The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in the US, challenges the existing understanding that exposure to a language in ...

and more »


An Infant's Brain Maps Language From Birth, Study Says
As it turns out, the language that an infant hears starting at birth creates neural patterns that the unconscious brain retains years later, even if the child completely stops using the language. The study offers the first neural evidence that traces ...
Adoptees' 'lost language' from infancy triggers brain responseCBC.ca
'Lost' first language leaves a mark on the brain: studyNew York Daily News
Lost languages leave a mark on the brainChannel News Asia

all 34 news articles »

Daily Mail

Sanskrit vs German: AAP slams govt over language row
Zee News
"The minister says that any language which is in Schedule 8 of the constitution can be taught as the third language. It also shows the minister is not aware of the constitution, which does not prohibit languages to be taught in schools, which are not ...
AAP slams govt over language rowBusiness Standard
AAP slams Smriti Irani for introducing Sanskrit in middle of academic yearIndian Express

all 8 news articles »

Jerry Hughes fined $22050 for abusive language to an official
Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes said something naughty to an official on Thursday night, and he'll pay for it. The NFL has fined Hughes $22,050 for unsportsmanlike conduct. Specifically, according to the NFL, Hughes “directed abusive language towards ...
Jerry Hughes fined $22050 for abusive language to officialNational Football Post

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Conference brings 6000 language teachers to S.A.
The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages is holding its annual convention in San Antonio this weekend, bringing together 6,000 language teachers throughout the world to discuss what are the latest trends, challenges, and best practices ...
Teachers Explore New Online Learning Environment for World Languages at ...Marketwired (press release)

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Student voices: Maintaining heritage languages
Daily Sundial
In Europe maintaining one's heritage language along with learning English is encouraged throughout their education. According to the European Commission, educational systems in some European countries have an official language policy, which requires ...
Multilingual myths: Is it ever too early for a child to learn a second language?ChicagoNow (blog)

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'Curry my yoghurt' DUP MP says he would treat Irish Language Act 'like toilet ...
On behalf of our party let me say clearly, and slowly so that Caitríona Ruane and Gerry Adams understand, we will never agree to an Irish Language Act at Stormont and we will treat their entire wish list as no more than toilet paper. They better get ...

Port Huron Times Herald

Chippewa tribe's children preserving Anishinaabe language
Port Huron Times Herald
“So much has been lost over the years,” said Helen Roy, who has taught the Ojibwe language at Michigan State University, on the Isabella Reservation and around Michigan and Ontario. “The only ones that still have it are the ones that are in their 70s ...

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