Cant Get There From Here

Can't Get There From Here Juneau is the capital of Alaska, but did you know that you cannot drive there from anywhere? You can fly into Juneau or you can take a... Read More

Wanted: Treadmill for an Elephant

Maggie, the 22 year-old African elephant, has been a resident of the Alaska Zoo since 1983. The Zoo recently decided that Maggie needs nicer quarters, more attention, and a treadmill. She weighs 9,100 pounds and does not get enough exercise, especially during the long Alaskan winter months.Alaska Zoo officials debated... Read More

The Patience of Job

Voltaire said, "God is a comedian playing to an audience afraid to laugh." Translated, if you're a tight ass, there's a two drink minimum to read this article. Let me just say, I believe in God but like many, I've questioned His existence. Most people... Read More

Marines Dont Take Crap

We live in a world of widgets. People manufacture, distribute, and sell them. You name it, they're doing it. I have a friend who is a toilet paper salesman. God bless him. It's an honorable job and my butt and I... Read More

Military Wives

I feel now is the perfect time to address the conflict service-members face when balancing between what they feel are infringements upon their civil liberties cast down by their president. ... Read More

Discover the Lighter Side of the Internet

We all know the Internet is a great tool for finding out information and sharing knowledge. But as a human sometimes sitting at a computer all day can get quite tedious, especially if it is your job 5 days a week. This feeling can be compounded by other problems in... Read More

The Language of Appalachia

Imagine my surprise when I went to Jamaica a few years ago and learned that I do, indeed, have an accent. You see, unlike my paternal grandmother, I don't stretch the word "cornbread" into four syllables. She might say, "Here. Have ye some co-orn-bray-ed;" whereas I might say, "You want... Read More

Local Author Joins History and Humor To Tell His Stories

Joseph Yakel was born and raised in New York's Capital region, and calls this place home. His travels have taken him far and wide, but it's his hometown surroundings that serve as a backdrop for his writing. He's recently published three books, and thinks his blend of history and humor... Read More

Voodoo Munchies

Looking for a lighthearted and fun way to remove the negative energy of a certain disruptive person from your life, or from your mind, if the person in question has moved on? Consider the cleansing (and giggle-inspiring) effect of Voodoo Munchies. Beginning now, whenever you need to deal with this... Read More

Computers According to Carol

A is for Anti-Virus: she got it from my Uncle.B is for Backup: always look in your rear view mirror first.C is for Caddy: part of computer that holds a coffee cup.D is for Defrag: a popular dance in the 1920's.E is for Email: post office talk for express mail.F... Read More

In The News:

2014 Israeli Film Festival in Manila to feature humor from the Holy Land
GMA News
The Israeli Film Fest is set to bring laughter from the Holy Land by screening eight films on its 13th year in Manila. According to Israeli Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau, humor is one of the strongest trademarks of the Israeli society and the Jewish ...

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5 Ways To Use Humor In Your Marketing: From The Man Who Went From ...
Do you remember the Dollar Shave Club launch video which showed everything from the CEO swinging a machete to human sized teddy bears giving a thumbs up? It immediately put the company, which sells razor blades, on the map to million of people.

Former mayor had sense of humor about "Meninoisms"
BOSTON (WHDH) - While Mayor Menino's vision for Boston was always clear, his voice…maybe not so much. The mayor had a good sense of humor about his speech and the so-called “Meninoisms” he often let slip. No one was a bigger supporter of Boston ...

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Humor a tactic for political ads in race for Pa. Governor
WTAE Pittsburgh
An ad by the political action committee Key Questions Key Answers PAC attacking Wolf made its humor personal. It superimposes Wolf's face on the body of sheep, having him bleat out the word "taxes!" as a narrator says "Don't vote for a Wolf in sheep's ...

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Politico cartoonist fails at humor but successfully proves Godwin's Law
Politico cartoonist fails at humor but successfully proves Godwin's Law. Posted at 7:48 pm on October 30, 2014 by Twitchy Staff | View Comments. Share on Facebook 1. 1 SHARES. @politicalmath when I go to the bank and they ask for ID I'm always like ...

Currently Known As knows quirky humor
Geneseo's teaching improvisation troupe Currently Known As held a free show in Wadsworth 21 on Saturday Oct. 25. The actors improvised a series of sketches based on different scenarios with some help from audience suggestions. Currently Known As ...

O'Toole acts with a touch of humor
Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette
Can the Illini pull off an upset similar to what they did at Ohio State in 2007? Beat writer Matt Daniels doesn't think so. CHAMPAIGN — This is the type of lore from which legends are made. Miles Osei wouldn't disagree. Even if the former Illinois ...

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White House Dossier
GOP GOTV Humor. by Keith Koffler on October 30, 2014, 9:38 am. This is just out. RNC appears to have a sense of humor. Conservatives have a better sense of humor than lefties. They take themselves less seriously. And the Left always thinks the world is ...

Omaha World-Herald

Omaha lawyer, political junkie remembered for quick wit, sense of humor
Omaha World-Herald
Omaha lawyer Renne Edmunds worked for several Omaha firms, spent time as a deputy Douglas County attorney and was in private practice for many years. Along the way, he helped people as a member of the Douglas County Mental Health Board.

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Watercolor Artist Highlights The Humor, Mundanity of Grindr
Unlike other artists' work in this space, which tend to exaggerate the inherently sexual aspects of Grindr, Seymour's paintings focus on the accidental humor and mundaneness that the platform sometimes creates. “I began the project as I had become ...

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Wanted: Treadmill for an Elephant

Maggie, the 22 year-old African elephant, has been a resident... Read More

Maybelle Misfire Joins Mega Corp

To: Maybelle Misfire From: I. M.. Power, VP Welcome aboard!... Read More

Important Safety Tip$

I was given a list of Do's and Don'ts of... Read More

The Work-from-home Fashion Primer

Last week, I reported how writers, stay-at-home parents and online... Read More

Painful Lessons from the Maternity Ward

Whoever dubbed New York, New York "the city that never... Read More

Sell [Your] Phones

Today while driving I saw a young girl, probably around... Read More

Tales of a Spectator Spectator

Watching the fans at a minor-league baseball game is just... Read More

Short Story: Take a Trip To The Temple Of The Great Tomato

Jimmy Jenkins Jr. is not an adventurer, traveler, or pioneer.... Read More

Silver Linings Are Everywhere

Viagra. That one word packs a lot of punch. Let's... Read More

Military Wives

I... Read More

Marines Dont Take Crap

We... Read More

Laughing Toward Truth: Six Tips for Lighthearted Thinkers

Do you believe in the power of your convictions?It's time... Read More

A French Teachers Memories: First Day at School

Despite my diplomas that allowed me to teach in state... Read More

How To Get Attention, or: As You Read This, You Feel an Irresistible Urge to Go On Reading!

We all want attention. As children we crave the attention... Read More

The Jokes On You -- Who Should be the Butt of Your Jokes?

This article was prompted by something I heard (second hand)... Read More

Funny Things We Dream

I often wonder why I wake up so happy, ready... Read More

Internet is My True Agent

You know the type -- that doodling type. Every time... Read More

I Got to Play an April Fools Joke Before I was Born

I will start this by saying that yes, I did... Read More

To See Or Not To See

I went to the eye doctor the other day. I... Read More

Discover the Lighter Side of the Internet

We all know the Internet is a great tool for... Read More

Space, and the Room for It

Space exploration came a long way since I was the... Read More

The Army Corp of Engineers Having Issues Fixing Breach

The Army Corp of engineers is having a tough time... Read More

Cheer-Leadership or All I Need to Know About Business I Learned from Cheerleading

Thanks to teen movies, many people have this stereotypical idea... Read More

If, An Online Marketers Internet Addiction Poem, Can You Relate to This?

IF, An Online Internet Marketing PoemIf before you have turned... Read More

Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

My next-door neighbors found a human bone in their backyard.... Read More