Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - How to Tap in to the Holiday Publicity Bonanza

If your product or service can be given as a gift, a publicitywindfall awaits at the end of the year - but you need to startworking in June. Each December, media outlets cover the newest,the hottest and the most unusual Holiday gifts. The reportersassigned to develop these pieces typically depend... Read More

50 Ways to Acknowledge Your Employees Before and After Labor Day

For most people, Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer, back to school, and another long weekend. Deep down however, when we stop for a moment and reflect as we often do on bank holidays, we all know that Labor Day is, in reality, meant to signify a time to... Read More

Quick and Easy Holiday Decorating

You're tired. You've worked hard all week. Suddenly, the kids shout gleefully... "let's decorate!" ... in anticipation of the coming holiday. The "let's not" is miraculously not permitted to escape your lips. Instead you take a deep breath while you wonder about how this decorating could become an easier and... Read More

Ten Tips for a Real Holiday Season

Holidays and the start of a new year inevitably make us think about how we can improve ourselves, and have the life we want in the future. We make resolutions - I must lose weight, I will save more money - and then lose our way. That's because we aren't... Read More

The Holiday Shopping Experience - Rewarding or Traumatic?

Picture this scenario! It's December 24th, the day of Christmas Eve. On this day you should be relaxing, enjoying time with family and thinking of all the precious memories you have created throughout the year.No, wait! It's the last day of shopping before Christmas and you haven't even started to... Read More

Making Time to Write this Holiday Season

As the countdown to Christmas day continues, most everyone is naturally all wrapped up in preparing for the big day (and the eve of the big day and the day after the big day?).Whether it's shopping, baking, or hosting holiday gatherings, you are probably engaged in time-consuming activities related to... Read More

10 Tips for More Meaningful Holidays

No matter how many lists you make, cards you send, gifts you buy, or packages you wrap, there will be things you intended to do this holiday season that won't get done. If you do manage to get everything done, but you're too tired to enjoy the season, everyone suffers.Consider... Read More

10 Steps to a Relaxing Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Family, friends, good food ? and no presents to buy. To make it your best holiday ever, consider these organizing tips:? Choose your preferred style: formal with everyone dressed up and using their best manners ? or a more informal relaxed style. If you've invited... Read More

Going Solo on Valentines Day: Advice For Singles

The stores are decorated in candy hearts, flowers and bears. Every TV or radio commercial reminds you that it's time to remember your sweetheart on this special day for lovers. Your feelings range from sadness, to revulsion to anger. What's a single person to do? The following suggestions are designed... Read More

Tips For Singles on Surviving (And Enjoying) The Holidays

Here you are, facing the holiday season alone. Have you been thinking about?*how alone and lonely you feel*excuses you can give family members as to why you can't come this year*what friends may be available to spend those long days with*how another year has passed and you are (still) single*how... Read More

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Flood victims home for the holidays in Jamestown
JAMESTOWN - Most would agree that there's no better place to celebrate the holidays than at home with family. For many folks in Jamestown, that hasn't been possible since the historic flood devastated their town. But this year is different. The mayor ...

Gentlefolk All, Survive Your Holidays With Help From Chaucer
Editor's Note: Who better to advise you on surviving the stresses and strains of a modern Christmas than a 14th-century English poet? We gleefully present holiday advice from the Internet's own Chaucer Doth Tweet. Warning: Middle English ahead!

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Jackson Sun

Mall shines with new look for the holidays
Jackson Sun
Sudzum said she is glad the renovations were completed for the holiday shopping season. The mall will have special extended holiday hours throughout next week. Ione Carles said she enjoyed the new look of the mall as she shopped for clothes for her ...

New York Post

'I like the thrill': Having sex at home during the holidays
New York Post
Heading home for the holidays typically means singing festive carols, enjoying wholesome cooking — and, for those traveling with a significant other, having sex on the sly. Although getting on the naughty list has its allure, nobody wants to be caught ...

Poughkeepsie Journal

Abilities First helps families at holidays
Poughkeepsie Journal
This year, Holiday Helping Hand has awarded Abilities First, Inc. $3,000 this year to provide gifts, food, or utility payments to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. So far this year, $23,640 has been donated to Holiday ...

Hoping to make holidays a bit greener? Beware job scams
Columbus Dispatch
Many people pick up extra work at this time of year to help pay for Christmas gifts, holiday excursions and other seasonal indulgences. There's nothing wrong with burning the midnight oil — as Santa and his elves will attest — but Ohioans looking to ...

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Americans Will Throw Away 25% More Trash Over the Holidays -- and These ...
Motley Fool
We all know that the period from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day is a festive time of year. Friends, family, food, gifts -- the list of positives is lengthy. But here's one negative you might not know: Americans produce 25% more trash during the ...

Be smart: Keep your home safe during holidays
Bloomington Pantagraph
BLOOMINGTON — With so many residents preparing to hit the road to visit loved ones over the Christmas holiday, police and other experts urge homeowners to play it safe before heading out the door. According to the FBI, nearly 400,000 homes are ...

The News-Press

Retailers ready for last run for the holidays
The News-Press
The holiday shopping push that began on Black Friday enters its homestretch and area retailers are extending hours and hoping that a good season so far becomes a great one. Area retailers said customer traffic and sales appear to be on pace or slightly ...

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Share the Spirit: Hayward police brighten holidays with toys for needy children
Contra Costa Times
Nikzad, Fleming and their younger children joined others at the holiday party and toy giveaway at the Hayward Police Department's Northern District office. Two elves greeted children, but Santa was the star of the party, listening to the kids and ...

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