Go Digital and Groovy... and Save Trees!

Have you inherited your Dad's trading card collection - ie. pieces of printed cardboard that come with a piece of gum that looks like it tastes like cardboard too? Well today's trading cards have evolved to include, wait for it... (cue bells and whistles), holograms and foil..! Wow, riveting isn't... Read More

Mind Boggling Information About The Popular Bingo Game!

Have you ever considered mind boggling statistics of a BINGO GAME?The bingo game is the most popular online game in the world! Bing Crosby's nickname as a child was "Bingo" Screeno, a form of the bingo game, was played in movie theaters during the Great Depression The casino game, Keno,... Read More

Counter Strike, The Beginner of Broad Band PC Gaming

This is the world of 21st century, the century of technologies. Every thing is fast now a days and as far as the Computers and games are concerned, they are at the top of all. Every one these days like playing games and some of them love it. Well few... Read More

Virtual Wrapping Paper and E-Gifts- Is There Really An Online Santa?

The internet has proven to be an amazing delivery conduit for words, information, music, pictures and generally anything that can be turned into little 1s and 0s. As we approach the end of the year the question is asked "Can the Internet deliver my Christmas presents?" Now thanks to a... Read More

Create Computer Games - Get Started on Creating Your Own Virtual Worlds

I've always loved video games, ever since I first played them on a friend's computer in the afternoon after elementary school. There's something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we... Read More

How to Write a Business Plan While Playing

BizTech 2.0 is an entrepreneur education program offering business assistance to students over 13. The program teaches business, information technology and life skills to young people via the Internet. It reinforces math learning, reading and critical thinking skills. The program was launched by The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, an... Read More

Computer Traumas

It has happened! Computer games have started to control my life on and off the screen. No complicated games like Age of Empires, just the simple one of Tetris. You know the one, where different shaped and colored bricks fall out of the sky and you have to arrange them... Read More

Malicious Advertising

Advertising is a necessary irritant in the world today. You can't drive down the street without coming across an ad, either a billboard suspended over a road or a large poster plastered down the side of a bus. If you walk into a shopping centre it doesn't matter where you... Read More

Great Games Youve Never Played

Do you know what you're missing?Some of the best computer games ever made are likely games you've never heard of. Created by individuals and small companies working in relative obscurity. They don't have million dollar budgets, some don't even have hundred dollar budgets. They don't have dedicated marketing departments, research... Read More

Guns Dont Kill People - Videogames Do!

"Ban these evil games", "Videogame violence corrupting our nation's youth", "video games stole my husband". It seems everyday that the media are making more and more claims about the evils of videogames. But are these claims based on fact, or is it merely that there is a juicy new scapegoat... Read More

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Why Is The Kim Kardashian Game So Successful?
I must say, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a well-designed game. I was doubtful at first. There are many mobile games out there that simply duct-tape mechanics and brands together, similar to the SNES era of movie games. But I found Kim Kardashian: ...

The 17 best free PC games
PCWorld (blog)
There was a time when "free-to-play" was a dirty term in the games industry. Actually, there are still terrible, exploitative free-to-play games on the market—more every day, in fact. But occasionally—occasionally—we get something...miraculous. We ...

Slate Magazine

Was This the Most Sexist Video Game of All Time?
Slate Magazine
Video games have always been a disproportionately male thing. In the 1980s they were marketed almost exclusively to boys, at the same time that the gender gap in computer science started growing; according to the New York Times, female enrollment in ...

The 3 most ridiculous Greg Maddux games ever
SB Nation
I want to watch how Eddie Perez handles Maddux and compare that to a rare Javy Lopez/Maddux start. I want to see Barry Bonds break his bat and Wade Boggs swing and miss. Alas, there are only two full Greg Maddux games available online, and he lost ...

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Ray Rice suspended 2 games
Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been suspended for the first two games of this season for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy following his offseason arrest for domestic violence. The suspension, which was announced Thursday by the ...
Ray Rice suspended for two games by NFLBaltimore Sun
Ray Rice Suspended 2 Games: Latest Details and ReactionBleacher Report
Ravens RB Ray Rice suspended two games for assault chargeCBSSports.com
NBCSports.com -Youngstown Vindicator -Huffington Post
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Sony Settles 2011 PSN Hacking Lawsuit; PS3, PSP Games Offered as ...
Users who did not receive games during the Welcome Back program can receive two benefits--either a game for either the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable, three PS3 themes, or a three-month subscription to PlayStation Plus. Users can choose two of ...
Sony Agrees To Give Away Games, Money After 2011 PSN Hack [UPDATE]Kotaku
Sony's $15 million PSN hacking settlement pays out in free gamesEngadget
Sony to offer free games, PS Plus subs in $15m PSN hack settlementEurogamer.net

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Rule Change: Blood and Bumps at Commonwealth Games
ABC News
It was the first bout of the boxing competition at the Commonwealth Games. Within minutes, Mathew Martin of Nauru had a large lump on his head from a punch. Northern Ireland's Michael Conlan, who won unanimously on points, had blood streaming down ...

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Zap2it.com (blog)

Hunger Games: Mockingjay New Trailer: See the First Reactions from Comic-Con
People Magazine
Hunger Games: Mockingjay New Trailer: See the First Reactions from Comic-Con. 0SHARES. Reprint. Social Reactions to Hunger Games Mockingjay Trailer. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I poster. Amazon. By Associated Press. updated 07/25/2014 at ...
Here's What You Need to Know About 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 ...Moviefone
'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' trailer debuts at Comic-Con 2014Zap2it.com (blog)
Hunger Games Comic-Con poster hints at rebellion to come in upcoming ...Daily Mail
Reuters -Vulture -TheWrap
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Welsh Athletics deny drug problem after Rhys Williams suspended from ...
He added: “We take our responsibility seriously and we have been a clean advocate of a clean sport.” Williams had earlier in the week been named co-captain of Wales's Commonwealth Games athletics team. Protesting his innocence, the 30-year-old said he ...
Rhys Williams out of Commonwealth Games for doping violationThe Guardian
Commonwealth Games 2014: More despair for Team Wales as Rhys Williams ...The Independent
Rhys Williams becomes second Welshman to be kicked out of Commonwealth ...Daily Mail
ABC News -ITV News
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How To Speak CrossFit: Viewer's Guide
All prospective Games athletes must register for the CrossFit Games Open, a five-week, online, worldwide qualifier (209,585 people signed up in 2014). Those who rank in the top 40 of their home region receive an invitation to compete at regionals.
VIDEO: East Texan competing in CrossFit Games in CaliforniaTyler Morning Telegraph

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UAV; Hunter II and RQ-1A Predator UAVs Needs Additional Modifications

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