3 Steps To Turning OK eBook Sales Into Unbelieveable Results!

Have you noticed that 90% of "How To" information about creatingand marketing your own information-based products online is basic beginner stuff? Yet, every week we hear from those looking for help taking theirbusiness to the next level. It's true, the vast majority of dreamers never earn a cent because... Read More

Making Money With Information Products

I actually know a few people who are making millions a year through home-based operations (and a few others who have been able to subsidize their incomes from low risk business ideas). In most cases, all it took was some good market research and the... Read More

How To Protect Your eBooks From Piracy And Copyright Infringement!

eBooks, or electronic books, mean big business for all aspiring writers. Not only can eBooks be sold in their own right as standalone products, but eBooks are fast becoming the weapon of choice for marketing gurus!Many business owners and webmasters pay writers to write eBooks for them. Writers spend hours,... Read More

20 Ways To Increase Website Traffic and eBook Sales

Here's a fast, easy list for you. Use it as checklist to see what you need to do to increase traffic. Or use it as a review list if you have already been working on improving your website traffic. It will help you find ways that you might have known... Read More

How to Reduce Credit Card Refunds from Digital Thieves

Can you encounter the number of times where a Credit Card Sale was generated, only to receive a "Refund Notification" from your contracted e-commerce processor on behalf the "customer"? Welcome to the electronic world of "cyber-shoplifting". Unscrupulous surfers, disguised as potential "customers", systematically opt to ordering goods (using credit cards)... Read More

Ask and Ye Shall Create

How do you decide to create a new speech? A new report? A net product? Most of us have an idea, then start to work on it. It's only when we are well into the creation phase that we determine whether or not it will sell. By then, it's... Read More

7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales! Part 1

Secret #1: How to write an incredible eBook!Copyright 2004 Bluedolphin Crow - All Rights Reserved.Aho!I shouldn't be telling you this:One of the biggest problems that most eBook writers and sellers face is generating eBook sales. It seems like the Internet is full of "ideas" - however, these "ideas" don't seem... Read More

7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales! Part 2

Secret #2: Creating your Marketing Timeline for Success!Copyright 2004 Bluedolphin CrowAho!You can increase your sales and free time by creating your own marketing timeline. Marketing timelines are essential for all Internet businesses. They provide not only organization but a truly well defined goal sheet as well.To understand your timeline is... Read More

7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales! Part 3

Secret #3: Creating an avalanche of sales with Freeware/Shareware sites:Copyright 2004 Bluedolphin Crow - All Rights Reserved.Aho!Freeware/shareware sites provide a unique opportunity to market your eBooks. This type of marketing method allows the buyer to try your eBook on their computer before paying for it. You simply password protect part... Read More

7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales! Part 4

Secret #4: Creating passionate articles will explode your eBook sales!Copyright 2004 Bluedolphin Crow - All Rights Reserved.Aho,All the experts finally agreed on something. Writing articles about your eBook can be one of the most successful ways of eMarketing.However, one of the biggest problems on online is learning how to write... Read More

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Find free eBooks online
With summer officially here, it's time to dive nose-first into your favorite book. But if you're like me, you cruise right through novels and are always left wanting more. This is a problem that you won't have after you visit my Cool Site for today ...

Wall Street Journal

Apple Loses Federal Appeal in E-Books Case
Wall Street Journal
The iPhone maker is expected to pay $450 million, most of it to e-book consumers, as part of a November agreement with private plaintiffs and 33 states that joined the Justice Department's 2012 lawsuit accusing Apple of violating civil antitrust law ...
Appeals court says Apple is liable for e-book price-fixingArs Technica
Apple Loses Appeal in E-Books Price Fixing Lawsuit, Ordered to Pay $450 ...Mac Rumors
Apple conspired to fix e-book prices: US appeals courtReuters
The Verge -Boston Globe
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Yahoo Finance

Apple's latest ebooks loss won't appeal to Supreme Court majority
Yahoo Finance
On Tuesday, a panel of judges from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a two-year-old ruling that Apple was a critical player in the illegal (and highly successful) conspiracy to eliminate the $9.99 price for best-selling e-books that Amazon ...
Apple loses appeal on e-book pricing caseChicago Daily Herald
Apple Loses E-book Appeal—Now What?Publishers Weekly
Second Circuit Affirms District Court Ruling Against Apple in E-Books Price ...JD Supra (press release)
Benchmark Monitor -Al-Bawaba -Emirates 24/7
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Centre Daily Times

E-book celebrates area's culinary heritage
Centre Daily Times
exhibit at the Bellefonte Art Museumrecognized that fact, and a small e-book was created to accompany the art exhibit is quite timely now that we are hitting summer's full stride. I had some doubts about creating a recipe book in this format, worried ...

Wall Street Journal

E-Books Get a Makeover
Wall Street Journal
For typography fans, electronic books have long been the visual equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard. The fonts are uninviting. Jarring swaths of white space stretch between words. Absent are all the typesetting nuances of a fine print book. Now ...

ABC Online

Australian electronic books to be preserved at the National Library in ...
ABC Online
Books published online will soon be collected and preserved by the National Library of Australia (NLA) in Canberra after new legislation was adopted by Federal Parliament. From January next year everything from electronic books (e-books) to blogs will ...

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New York Times

Amazon's E-Books Business Investigated by European Antitrust Regulators
New York Times
European regulators said on Thursday that they were beginning an antitrust investigation into whether Amazon used its dominant position in the region's e-books market to favor its own products over rivals. The announcement casts Amazon in a very ...
EU Competition Watchdog Investigates Amazon Over Electronic-Books BusinessWall Street Journal
Amazon Probed for E-Books as EU Widens Scrutiny of U.S. TechBloomberg
EU launches antitrust investigation into Amazon's e-books businessCNET
EU News -U.S. News & World Report
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Entertainment Weekly

Scribd Culls Romance Ebooks from Subscription Platform
Digital Book World
The news, shared late yesterday by Smashwords CEO Mark Coker, renews questions about the viability of the subscription model for ebooks at a time when Amazon has overhauled its compensation model on Kindle Unlimited, its own subscription platform.
Scribd Starts to Banish Indie Authors from its CatalogGood E-Reader (blog)
'Growing pains': Scribd's romance 'purge'The Bookseller

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BBC News

Sex-themed e-books given curfew in Germany
BBC News
Germans will be able to buy adult-themed e-books only between the hours of 22:00 and 06:00, under new rules. The rules have applied to German cinemas showing adult films since 2002, but they are now being extended to cover books available on the ...
Germans Are Banned From Buying Erotic E-Books Before 10 pmNewsweek

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Good E-Reader (blog)

Amazon Starts to Enforce Draconian e-book Review Policy
Good E-Reader (blog)
Independent author and blogger Imy Santiago bought an e-book from Amazon, read it, and posted a review. Then things started to go awry, according to her recent blog post, that had Amazon pull the review because she followed the author on Twitter.
Amazon's Review Policy is Creepy and Bad for AuthorsGizmodo

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