Insulin has two critical roles in the body that we cannot live without, yet it can be the root of many health problems, including diabetes. Insulin carries sugar (glucose), fat and protein into your cells where they are used for energy and the repair of your cells. When you eat,... Read More

Humulin or Lantus, Which Insulin For Your Child?

Humulin or Lantus? When my daughter, who was 8, was first diagnosed the Children's Hospital that was treating her put her on an insulin program of short acting Humalog NPH and long acting Humalin N. You should have seen me that first day of training after a long night in... Read More

Diabetes Awareness: Ill Wait til it Hurts

By the time many type 2 diabetics (and often their doctors) realize action is necessary, the disease, with its destructive high blood sugars, has been silently damaging their body for years.Complications to the blood vessels and tissues of your eyes, feet, heart, kidneys, and other organs, are likely well underway.You... Read More

Raising Happy Diabetic Kids

This is the first in a series of articles I am about to embark upon concerning this subject. As my family gets older and matures with this disease I think back to the early days and wonder why aren't we all on medication for depression? Why don't we have standing... Read More

Improper pH Balance Increases Risk and Damage of Diabetes

THE RISKBlood sugar balance is critical to your body's proper functioning. Blood sugar (glucose) is the primary source of fuel for the body's cells and is particularly critical to the brain and the eyes. When glucose isn't regulated properly through the bloodstream, the body's cells don't obtain the energy they... Read More

Raising Happy Diabetic Kids Part II

This is the second article in a series I am writing about how to raise happy diabetic children. You can find the first article titled Help Your Child Develope Self-Confidence in our article archives.Sometimes the phrase "happy diabetic kids" seems to be an oxymoron. Often it seems all of the... Read More

Diabetes Awareness: The Downside... a New Wardrobe?

Here is some commonsense thinking:I can't understand why anyone who has diabetes wouldn't exercise and watch what they eat.The down side is that you may have to get an entire new wardrobe since exercise and healthy eating causes weight and size reduction.When it happens, people tell you how great you... Read More

Pre-Diabetes - The Calm Before the Storm

Remember when the medical world identified pre-hypertension to better monitor your blood pressure? The new buzz: Pre-Diabetes concerns a similar condition pinpointing people who are at severe risk for getting diabetes. Because diabetes silently invades your body, early detection and corrective action are critically important.The goal with identifying pre-diabetes is... Read More

Pre-Diabetes Awareness: Gamblers Understand the Odds

Do you gamble? Play Texas Hold'em poker, casino games, or lotteries? Then understanding your odds of winning is part of the challenge.Are you planning on living a long and healthy life? A life free of aches and pains? A life full of excitement and adventure? Great, then understanding the odds... Read More

Pre-Diabetes: Check Engine Warning Light

Your car has an early detection system and so does your body. Take 3 minutes to read this article and learn how you can save yourself a life time of aches, pains, and costly medical bills.Have you ever had the "Check Engine" warning light come on in your car? Most... Read More

In The News:

SFARI News (blog)

Diabetes during pregnancy ups child's autism risk
SFARI News (blog)
Several risk factors for autism appear to exert their effects in the womb. Children born to women who have a severe infection or take certain medications while pregnant have an increased risk for the disorder. So do those born to women with diabetes.
Maternal Diabetes and the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders in OffspringDiabetes In Control

all 2 news articles »

Huffington Post

For the Last Time, I Have Type 1 Diabetes, Not Type 2 Diabetes! There's a Big ...
Huffington Post
Here I go. But first, to all my brothers and sisters struggling with and managing Type 2 diabetes, my hat is off to all of you. As you endure the daily grind of judgment, fluctuating blood glucose levels, pain, diet, exercise, and scrutiny from society ...
Mom says daughter with diabetes unfairly forced to leave Taunton day care centerTaunton Daily Gazette
Vaccine For Type 1 Diabetes One Step Closer To RealityCBS Local
Study Tests Powdered Insulin to Prevent DiabetesWebMD
Healthline -Yahoo Food
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MedPage Today

Investigational Diabetes Drug Eyed for Steatohepatitis
MedPage Today
Note that this randomized trial of a novel type-2 diabetes agent showed promise in reducing alanine aminotransferase levels, suggesting it may have a role in NASH. Be aware that the beneficial effect on liver enzymes may have been due to weight loss.

Huntsville's Walk to Cure Diabetes cancelled because of weather
JDRF Huntsville event. JDRF representatives educated the public on the fight against diabetes at Bridge Street Town Centre on Nov. 22, 2014. Several stores participated in the promotion. (Jonathan Grass/ Jonathan Grass |
US makes $300m investment for Type 1 diabetes researchThe Diabetes Times
Gwernymynydd headteacher aims to go the distanceNews North Wales

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ADA Publishes Diabetes 'Standards of Care' for PCPs
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has published an abridged version of their Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes designed to provide essential information for primary care providers (PCPs) in the spring 2015 issue of Clinical Diabetes. "We ...

Diabetes drug metformin linked with intersex freshwater fish
Metformin isn't a hormone. Like other diabetes drugs, it targets blood-sugar regulation. But it's also been occasionally used to treat a hormonal disease, common in women, called polycystic ovary syndrome. Klaper believes metformin may act as an ...
Diabetes drug found in freshwater is a potential cause of intersex fishPhys.Org

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San Francisco Business Times (blog)

How a failed cancer drug led to a potential diabetes breakthrough for Intarcia
San Francisco Business Times (blog)
The rod is actually a pump called the ITCA 650, designed to provide a slow, steady dose of the diabetes drug, exenatide, over the course of an entire year. The procedure to place the device (filled with a placebo) into his abdomen, exactly 1.5 ...

and more »

Pensacola News Journal

Autism may be linked to moms' diabetes during pregnancy
Pensacola News Journal
CHICAGO – Diabetes that develops early in pregnancy may increase women's chances of having a child with autism, a study found. The risk was seen in children whose mothers were diagnosed with diabetes during the most crucial period of fetal brain ...


Two Diabetes Drugs May Ease Fatty Liver Disease
VIENNA, Austria — Two diabetes drugs, one approved and one investigational, show promise in treating fatty liver disease, according to new research presented here at the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) International Liver ...

and more »

Hunterdon Healthcare and ShopRite in Flemington host diabetes cooking demo
Hunterdon Healthcare and ShopRite of Flemington will be presenting a spring health and wellness education series for the community. The second event in the series will be a "Cooking Demonstration for People with Diabetes." It will be held on Tuesday ...

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Raising Happy Diabetic Kids

This is the first in a series of articles I... Read More

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Diabetes Awareness: Ill Wait til it Hurts

By the time many type 2 diabetics (and often their... Read More

Diabetes Break-Thru Helps Battle Blood Sugar Woes

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Low-Carb: The Role of Insulin

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Ascensia Breeze Glucometer Rated

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Exercise & Diabetes

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Diabetes and Fitness

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Diabetes Awareness: Will They Recognize You?

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Humulin or Lantus, Which Insulin For Your Child?

Humulin or Lantus? When my daughter, who was 8, was... Read More

Insulin Resistance And Complex Carbohydrates

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Pancreas Transplants - A Solution For Type 1 Diabetes Sufferers?

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Normal Blood Sugar Levels ARE Possible for a Diabetic!

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Diabetes Type 2 and Artificial Sweeteners

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Fanning the Flames of the Diabetes Epidemic

INTRODUCTIONIt is my pleasure to introduce to you, a new... Read More

Benfotiamine And Diabetic Retinopathy

Damage from diabetes can occur in different areas of the... Read More

How Do You Know If You Have Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a disorder characterized by the inability of... Read More

Diabetes... Sweet Story of Healing

In a time not too long ago, there lived a... Read More

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Having diabetes certainly limits some of the food you can... Read More