19,178 Identity Theft Victims Per Day - Are You One Of Them?

Identity theft statistics are shocking. And we are told that it will only become worse, before it gets any better. Are you likely to be affected? According to recent studies, up to 7,000,000 people become identity theft victims each year, in the United States alone. That's over 19,000 cases a... Read More

Credit Damage: Getting Compensated for Your Loss

Until recently lawyers for victims of credit damage had little possibility to collect for damages beyond medical treatment, lost wages and property loss. Insurance companies threw up their hands in sympathy, claiming victims can only be compensated for what can be measured - tangible goods and services. But, what happens... Read More

3 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score by 50 Points In Less Than 30 Days

In Less Than 30 Days. "What can you do to increase that set of three numbers on your credit report that can be so important with your financing?" I came across this question as I was surfing discussion groups the other day. Check out my answer: Dear Friend, Here are... Read More

To Repair Credit Is No longer Satisfactory - Learn How To Earn A Millionaires Credit In 30 Days...

To repair your bad credit does not necessarily mean that you now have a good credit, absolutely not. When most people have bad credit, they either purchase a credit repair book or seek a credit expert help. But before you do anything about your bad credit you need to understand... Read More

4 Steps to Creating Good Credit

As a consumer you've learned the importance of establishing a good credit rating with your lenders. Whether you are shopping for a new home or auto, or searching for the best deals on insurance, your credit worthiness will be judged by your credit rating or credit score.A bad credit history... Read More

Beware of Falling Minimum Payments

If you opened a credit card statement recently and were pleasantly surprised to find that your minimum payment due was lowered, don't be so quick to "jump for joy". What may appear as a small boost to your monthly budget is actually the rock that can weigh you down in... Read More

Convenience Can Be Costly

You've just opened your credit card bill and attached to your statement you find a "convenience check" included. It may already be filled out with a dollar amount such as $300, $500, or even $1,000. Your mind fills with ideas of what you could buy with this "instant" money. A... Read More

Credit Repair Scams

"Erase Bad Debt !""Remove Negative Items From Your Credit Report"You've probably seen these headlines and others just like it promising to clean up or "fix" bad credit. For someone who suffers from a bad or poor credit rating, these headlines are certainly an appealing offer.Imagine finally being able to buy... Read More

Debit Card vs. Credit Card, What Are The Differences ?

Ah, the "good old days". If you are a baby boomer, like me, then you probably remember how important it was to rush to the bank on payday. You had to get there before the teller lanes closed so that you could have your "cash allowance" for the week. Otherwise,... Read More

How Healthy Is Your Credit

There's only one way to discover the "health" of your credit. You need to examine your credit report. Your credit report is your "consumer identity" that potential lenders will use to judge your credit worthiness.Use these tips to give your credit profile the "tune-up" it needs for 2004.Tip #1- Check... Read More

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6 Surprising Reasons You Can't Get That Credit Card
You don't have enough credit. Some people pat themselves on the back for having only a single credit card, or none at all. No credit cards or other obligations like mortgages or car loans, may mean you're just frugal and really good with your money.
Maxing Out Card Might be Worth Temporary Credit Score DingFox Business
How To Cash In On Credit CardsInvestopedia
Six credit card tips for college studentsNooga.com
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Central Valley Target stores hit with credit card security breach
Suspect Boone B. Khoonsrivong was tracked down in April. He allegedly told investigators he had a degree in computer science and had figured out Target's credit card sequencing system, which allowed him to make counterfeit cards. The cards were used to ...
Another Target Security Breach?Credit.com News (blog)

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Droid Life (press release) (blog)

AT&T offers $100 credit for adding a new line
The bill credit offer is only available until September 30, 2014. In order to qualify for the deal, the new phone must be bought through the AT&T Next installment plan. For customers wishing to upgrade after 12 months, they must have completed at least ...
AT&T Offers $100 Bill Credit When Activating New Line Through Next ProgramDroid Life (press release) (blog)
AT&T Offers $100 Bill Credit for New Next Line ActivationsMac Rumors
AT&T will give you a $100 bill credit if you buy a new smartphone using AT&T NextPhoneDog
FierceWireless -Phandroid.com -Channel Partners
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This Week In Credit Card News: Late Payments At 7-Year Low; The Top-Rated ...
The rate of U.S. credit card payments at least 90 days overdue fell to 1.16% in the second quarter–the lowest level in at least seven years, credit reporting agency TransUnion said. The second quarter delinquency rate on credit cards is down from 1.27 ...
America's Favorite Credit Cards: American Express and DiscoverNBCNews.com
Discover joins AmEx as top credit cardCBS News
America's favorite credit card company is...CNNMoney
Wall Street Journal (blog) -Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -24/7 Wall St.
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ABC News

New Citi Credit Card Rewards You for Paying Down Your Debt
ABC News
The Double Cash credit card offers an unlimited one percent cash back on purchases, plus another one percent once you pay your credit card bill for that expense. While some credit cards offer five percent rewards, these are typically opt-in quarterly ...
Don't miss these hidden credit card rewardsToday.com

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How to Handle Common Credit Report Errors
Huffington Post (blog)
Every time I check my credit report, I wait for it to load with bated breath. I know being enrolled in credit monitoring has me covered on a daily basis, but you never know, right? One of these days, I could find a bunch of incorrect information ...

NC advocates question utility deposits, credit checks
News & Observer
North Carolina advocacy groups are raising social-justice questions about the credit checks and deposits that utilities require of new customers, saying they're unfair to people with modest incomes. The N.C. Utilities Commission is reviewing rules ...

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Business Insider

Credit cards can be effective tools for building credit, if used correctly
Idaho Press-Tribune
As college students head back to school, they're likely to receive credit card offers in the mail and opportunities to apply for cards around campus. Credit cards can be a very effective tool in building good credit, Erickson said, but just like any ...
Too Many Americans Are Completely Clueless About How Credit Scores WorkBusiness Insider
Learn all about credit scoresJackson Sun
I Got a Credit Card Offer in the Mail. Now What?Credit.com News (blog)
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Credit-card debt jumps in Orlando as economy improves
Orlando Sentinel
At the same time, Orlando's total credit-card tab — $4.2 billion — was the lowest of all major metro markets, according to Equifax, a credit-reporting company. In part that's because Orlando's credit-card debt plummeted during the Great Recession ...
Houston the Top City for Rising Credit Card DebtHouston Press (blog)

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Reuters UK

Julius Baer Surges on Report of Takeover by Credit Suisse
Credit Suisse, Switzerland's second-biggest bank, has been under pressure to focus more on managing money for the wealthy and reduce its exposure to investment banking. Acquiring Julius Baer, which had 274.2 billion francs in assets under management ...
Julius Baer up after report of Credit Suisse takeover interestReuters UK
Will Credit Suisse Group AG (ADR) (NYSE:CS) Acquire Julius Baer Group Ltd.?WallStreetPR

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