How to Cook Rice Right

The easiest way to make rice well every time is to use a rice cooker. If you don't have one, or don't want one, though, here's a no-fail recipe for rice that one of my grandmothers taught my mother, who taught me. This one, I use mainly for seasoned rice... Read More

Barbecue Success With The Rule Of Thirds

Ever been to a barbecue party where the 'chef' placed as much food as he could possibly fit onto the barbecue grill, every so often stabbing the food with a fork and juggling it around so that it cooks evenly? Ever noticed how, within a few minutes, the flames start... Read More

6 Tips for Perfect Homemade Hard Candy

There's nothing better than the juicy, flavorful hard candy from your local gourmet candy shop . . . unless you make it yourself, that is! Making perfect hard candy at home is easier than you think. You just need the right tools, a few simple ingredients, and your imagination.Try these... Read More

A Cookie Assembly Line: Efficient Cookie Baking for Busy Cooks

As a busy working mother, I'm short on time, especially during the holidays, but baking Christmas cookies is a family tradition I'm unwilling to give up. Over the years, I've come up with many ways to make the process of baking a large variety of cookies go much smoother and... Read More

Christmas Cookie Decorating 101

Many bakers ask for tips and instructions on decorating cookies. Well that's a tall order because there are as many ways to decorate cookies as there are cookies! Here are a few guidelines for novices and experienced bakers alike to help you generate your own ideas for cooking decorating.DECORATING COOKIES... Read More

Little-known Tips for Easy Holiday Baking

Are you wondering if you have the time to bake homemade Christmas cookies this year? Every year at about this time we all start to get a little panicked that the holidays are coming up fast and we're not really ready yet. Here are a few little-known tips and tricks,... Read More

Once-A-Month-Cooking: How to Make Your Plan Work

As one of the oldest children in a family of nine, I know that cooking for a crowd can almost be a full-time job. Once-a-month-cooking has been a lifesaver for our family. In the beginning though, when we first heard of cooking 30 meals in one day, it sounded rather... Read More

Old-Fashioned Taffy Pull Party--How to Host Your Own

Want a unique party idea for your child's birthday-or even her next weekend sleepover with friends? Try hosting your own taffy pull. It can get pretty messy, but kids absolutely love it. Just follow these steps to minimize the mess . . . and maximize the fun!1. Stock up on... Read More

Eat your Veggies! Simple Cooking Methods

Vegetables add colour, taste, texture and bulk to our daily diet. There are dozens of different vegetables that can be prepared in literally hundreds of ways. So what's best?There is no best. The thing to do is to eat your vegetables, lots of them, everyday in a wide variety of... Read More

Weber Grills Reviewed: Quality that Lasts

Barbecuing has long been a favorite pastime for many and the grills people are buying have only become bigger and better as the years go by. But, with so many grills to choose from, how do consumers know which company produces the best? Well, the Weber Grill company has proven... Read More

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Poughkeepsie Journal

BetterU participants get healthy cooking tips
Poughkeepsie Journal
"One of the tricks of low-fat cooking is adding a lot of flavor without adding a lot of butter and salt," said Acquanita, of Epicure Catering & Fine Foods, as she prepared her healthy Cajun jambalaya. She was speaking to a semi-circle of women — nine ...

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City of Laredo Health Department offers cooking and safety tips for the holidays
LAREDO, TEXAS (City Health Department) - The City of Laredo Health Department wants to make sure all enjoy a safe and Happy Holidays with the following cooking and safety tips. Cooking: - Always wash your hands before and after food preparation ...

Chicago Tribune

Cooking tips and tricks to smooth the holiday
Chicago Tribune
Because the white part of the base is prized in cooking, farmers mound dirt around the leeks to keep out the sunlight, extending the white as the leek grows. Unfortunately, a lot of that dirt and grit ends up between the layers of the leeks as they ...

Bucyrus Telegraph Forum

Galion woman offers apron-free cooking tips
Bucyrus Telegraph Forum
Lizotte, who is now remarried, has parlayed her recipes and cost-cutting tips into a blog, a weekly newspaper column and a cookbook, "Apron Free Cooking." "My husband suggested that I start a blog to share my recipes and tips with others, so I did, and ...

Cooking tips from Sheryl Julian
Boston Globe
Apple pie with foolproof pastry. More: Recipe for apple pie with foolproof pastry. Cooking tips with Sheryl Julian. Cooking tips with Sheryl Julian: How to juice a lemon. Cooking tips with Sheryl Julian: Onion marmalade. Cooking tips with Sheryl Julian ...


Pancakes for jihadists: ISIS shares new online cooking tips
An Islamic State-run campaign targeting women has released its second recipe online, explaining how to keep jihadists happy and fulfilled by making pancakes after a day of fighting. Al-Zawra is an online propaganda campaign that was launched in October.
Jihadelicious? ISIS shares new pancake recipeAl-Arabiya

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CBS Local

Turkey cooking tips: don't forget the 4 Ts!
Then, make sure you actually cook it through, use a meat thermometer to check different parts of the turkey. A thigh should be 180 degrees, the breast 170, and stuffing should read 165 degrees. When you're done with the cooking, you have two-hours to ...
Turkey cooking tipsThe Logan Banner
Let's Talk Turkey, Tips For Cooking the Holiday BirdFox 28
Local Chef Offers Tips On Cooking Perfect Thanksgiving TurkeyCBS Local
WLS-TV -Wicked Local Marshfield
all 480 news articles »

WTAE Pittsburgh

USDA Food Safety Tips for Cooking Thanksgiving Turkeys
WTAE Pittsburgh
WASHINGTON, DC —The Thanksgiving meal is the largest many cooks prepare each year. Getting it just right, especially the turkey, brings a fair amount of pressure whether or not a host is experienced with roasting one. The United States Department of ...
Tips for safe and healthy holiday cookingSierra Star
Cooking for Thanksgiving? Simple Tips to Keep Food SafeEGP News
Safety tips for cooking turkeysStephenville Empire-Tribune

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Library Bookshelf: Need cooking tips for Thanksgiving? Try these cookbooks
Fresno Bee
“How to Cook a Turkey” provides great cooking tips like this, as well as time-management strategies, different techniques for cooking the turkey, quick fixes and recipes for leftovers, not to mention lots of delicious recipes that will help ensure your ...


Turkey cooking tips: Pop-up thermometers not always reliable, Consumer ...
Turkey cooking tips: Pop-up thermometers not always reliable, Consumer Reports says. Consumer Reports: Turkey pop-up timers not always reliable. You might be thinking about relying on a pop-up timer to gauge when your turkey is ready, but Consumer ...

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Barbecue Success With The Rule Of Thirds

Ever been to a barbecue party where the 'chef' placed... Read More

Make-up or Mixing Methods for Muffins

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Weber Grills Reviewed: Quality that Lasts

Barbecuing has long been a favorite pastime for many and... Read More

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ServSafe Food Program in Montana a Success

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Cooking Filet Mignon

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Kitchen Canister Sets - How to Beautify Your Kitchen

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Barbequing, a Fun and Convenient Way to Make Dinner

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Caring For Your Wooden Cutting Board

Researchers have found that bacteria have a tougher time surviving... Read More

10 Smart Shopping Tips To Protect Your Family From Getting Sick

Prevention of food poisoning starts with your trip to the... Read More

Chinese Cooking Technique: Deep Fry

There are usually 2 ways of deep frying in Chinese... Read More