Handmade Soap Facts

How many people know what soap really is? Several of the cleansing bars that you buy at the store, for example, are detergents-and not soaps at all. They are called syndet bars, or synthetic detergent bars. They are made from synthesized chemicals and are usually much harsher than... Read More

The Eyes Have It

Did you know Leonardo da Vinci sketched and described several forms of contact lenses in 1508, and in 1632 Rene Descartes suggested the possibility of a corneal contact lens? Civilization has come a long way from these early ideas to the high-tech advancements we have to care for our eyes... Read More

Eye Spy - In Search of a Greater Lash

Shopping for mascara can be an "eye opening" experience. Who knew there were so many formulas to choose from? Thickening, lengthening, volumizing, maximizing and separating, only to name a few; it's no wonder a tube of "Maybelline Great Lash" is being sold somewhere in the world every 1.5... Read More

Living Water

A wellness of beauty for mind, body & spiritby Cathy Gatson "When the well is dry, then we know the worth of water", unfortunately manyof us take it for granted. The significance of water is so much deeper than drinking 8 to 10 glasses perday. Although vitally important; water quenches... Read More

No Flab With That Blouse is So Necessary

A guide to toning up flabby arms by Cathy GatsonWith Spring in the air and Summer just around the corner?it will soon be time to "change clothes and go"?sleeveless. If you've been shopping lately, you may have noticed many of the blouses, tops and dresses for Spring/Summer are... Read More

Deep Vein Thrombosis...an In Flight Risk

DVT?an in flight riskby Cathy Gatson Planning to do some long distance traveling this summer be it train, plane or automobile?here is some important information to pack with you to avoid this trip from being your last leg. WHAT IS IT?DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis is a blood clot that... Read More

What Are Pigtails?

There really isn't a huge debate on this subject, but there are some differences of opinion. This article looks at some of the differing opinions related to pigtails hairstyle definition, attempts to find some middle ground (perhaps unsuccessfully), and closes with this author's own definition and description of the ideal... Read More

Beauty Sleep - Is It A Dream?

As women we know that a lack of sleep leaves us irritable; however most of us are unaware of the damage it may be doing to our skin? Besides being an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, getting 8 hours of sleep per night helps improve the texture and the... Read More

7 Steps to Great Makeup

1. Avoid wearing too muchMakeup is meant to enhance features not bring negative attention to you. That's what wearing too much makeup will do; it will bring you unwanted attention. Don't wear too much of anything such as:1. Eyeliner: dark, thick eyeliner will make you look overdone and will ruin... Read More

Plastic Surgey: The New Beauty Norm?

This is a good topic to discuss especially now since the popularity of all the make-over shows. I have always been curious as to why people, mostly women, have this idea that they are expected to look a certain way in order to "fit in" with society.We all would like... Read More

In The News:

Lotte Hass, Pioneering Diver Known for Beauty and Bravery, Dies at 86
New York Times
Lotte Hass, an Austrian diver and underwater filmmaker who at midcentury helped shatter the glass floor that had long kept women from the ocean's depths, died on Jan. 14 in Vienna. She was 86. Her death was announced by the Hans Hass Institute, ...


Felice Herrig: It's a fight, it's not a beauty contest
FOX UFC Fight Night on April 18 will feature a battle between two of the top 10 strawweight fighters in the world when Felice Herrig meets Paige VanZant in New Jersey. Both Herrig and VanZant made impressive UFC debuts within a month of each other and ...

Wall Street Journal

The New Set of Eyes on P&G's Beauty Business
Wall Street Journal
Mr. Lafley built the beauty business during his first term at the helm, seeking faster growth and fatter profits than were possible from selling paper towels and dish soap. But it has been persistently weak, the only major unit to post declining sales ...

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'Beauty Is Something That I am Not Really Willing to Settle On'
Huffington Post
See, beauty is something that I am not really willing to settle on. I suppose I am very visual. I see beauty in some really unique places. I see it inside people, and it annoys the crap out of me when the person has tried to hide or dim their beauty ...

Tragedies of 'Timbuktu' told with rare beauty
Jacksonville Daily News
The hot Malian sands of Abderrahmane Sissako's "Timbuktu" are a cool reservoir of placid beauty, where desert dunes are swept by quiet ripples of colorful, everyday village life and haphazard storms of violence. "Timbuktu," the Oscar-nominated ...
Review: Tragedies of 'Timbuktu' Told With Rare BeautyNew York Times

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Yahoo News

Can Beauty Products Cause Early Menopause?
Yahoo News
It's a scary concept: Products you might be using every single day—moisturizer, nail polish, perfumes, and makeup—can wreak havoc on your health. While there have been previous studies linking chemicals in beauty products with infertility and genital ...
Beauty Products May Trigger Early MenopauseTIME
Soap, Other Beauty Products With Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Shave 2 to 4 ...Medical Daily

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Emma Watson to play Belle in new live-action 'Beauty'
The original "Beauty and the Beast," from 1991, was the first animated feature to be nominated for a best picture Oscar. It featured the voices of Robby Benson as the Beast and Paige O'Hara as Belle, and it included the memorable songs "Be Our Guest ...
Emma Watson to star in live-action 'Beauty and the Beast'Fox News
Beauty and the Beast Should Be All Harry Potter PeopleVulture
Emma Watson Will Star as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Let's Cast the Other ...Slate Magazine (blog)
Huffington Post -Hollywood Life
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Chicago Sun-Times

Preserve the beauty of sports pages
Chicago Sun-Times
In the rampage to capitalize on every major sports extravaganza, compressed into a headlock of product assertions and retouched faces and former players with their deft analysis, I hope the succinct beauty of our sports pages is never lost in the ...

Your Houston News

'Beautiful Encore' author inspires mature, true beauty
Your Houston News
“Beautiful Encore,” a book on beauty geared toward women ages 55 and up, was recently published on Jan. 20, by author Anne Reizer. A resident of The Woodlands, this is Reizer's first book, and was two years in the making. “It's been fun; I'm very proud ...

Artist bio 'Mr. Turner' finds beauty in the mundane
Arizona Daily Star
It's rare for an actor such as Spall to have the spotlight, but in “Mr. Turner,” this homely fellow seizes the light and refracts it through the eyes of his character, a 19th-century artist who saw beauty in the mundane. The same could be said for ...

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Fuller Lips Without Injections or Surgery?

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