The Simplest Asthma Solution

During the Democratic convention the Reverend Al Sharpton quoted a shocking statistic: One third of the children in Harlem suffer from asthma. This shouldn't be completely surprising since asthma cases have been consistently increasing over the years, especially in the cities, escalating recently during the rollback of some key environmental... Read More

Natural Remedies For Treating a Cold

Sometimes it can be hard to escape that shivery feeling that happens when you get too cold. A good immediate remedy for this is to wrap yourself up in a douvet and stick a hairdryer up it, (making sure the air flow is not restricted) until you feel warmed up.Colds... Read More

Wild Medicine and Tansy Cakes

It started with the Tansy cakes. I had to ask myself 'Why would anyone eat anything so utterly disgusting in taste'? Chrysanthemum Vulgare is a common perennial in the British Isles and the name Tansy is said to be derived from the Greek 'athansia', meaning 'immortal'. Reasons suggested for this... Read More

Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational medicine attempts to treat people with various forms of pure energy. The influence of alternative medical systems such as Chinese, Ayervedic or Tibetan medicine have led in part to the development of machines that can 'image energy'. Heat energy imagers are an accepted part of our technology. We readily... Read More


Friends, The study below done a few years ago should scare the socks off us all. We can do much better in this country.We all know that drugs has done much to save lives in this country, but I would bet that only ONE out of TEN knows the other... Read More

YARROW TEA (Achillea Millefolium)

An amazing tea that can help with colds and flu, and also help you see in pure colour. Yarrow has an ancient history. The generic name comes from Achilles who, according to legend, saved the lives of his warriors by healing their wounds with yarrow leaves. Crushed and rolled in... Read More

Taking Control of Your Health & Well-being

Taking Control of Your Health & Well-being by Georgianna Donadio D.C., M.Sc., Ph.D. Do you ever wonder why, in spite of all your good intentions, you just cannot seem to... Read More

Chronic Back Pain

Magnetic Advantage Newsletter FEATURED TOPIC Chronic Back Pain By Bruce Spiegler I had been to three different physicians. The car accident in 1990 had left me with terrible back pain.... Read More

Cure Arthritis? Right!

Arthritis sufferers are daily bombarded with new, better, more exciting treatments. Try Enbrel! Try Humira! Miracle drugs!Get your NSAIDS! Get your DMARDS! Pump more chemicals into your system. Side effects? What side effects? You have a choice; accept the side effects or get sicker and sicker. In order to allay... Read More

Discover The Missing Key to Improving Your Health

Do you know the top ten causes for death? You will recognize them all.Here they are?1. Heart disease2. Cancer3. Stroke4. Lower-respiratory diseases5. Injury (mostly car accidents)6. Diabetes7. Flu and pneumonia8. Alzheimer's disease9. Kidney disease10. InfectionSource: 1999-2001 mortality statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionMost of us want to... Read More

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Opinion: 5 crucial questions about alternative funds
With alternative investments getting a heavy portion of flows into mutual funds and dominating the pool of new funds being created, Don was unsure of how to pick between the many new options, and whether to use alternatives at all: “Because alternative ...
American Century launches alternative investments brandKansas City Business Journal
In Alts Investing, Managing Expectations Is Top PriorityThinkAdvisor

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NewsBusters (blog)

Daily Beast Takes Issue with Religious Alternative to ObamaCare-Regulated ...
NewsBusters (blog)
For hospitals, their offer is always better than the alternative, which is nothing. Third, and most troubling, is that HCSMs are not required to pay particular expenses, and are not required to maintain any of the base-level coverage that the ...

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The Guardian

Why I love Playing House: the grown-up alternative to Broad City
The Guardian
I love Broad City. Thanks to the hipster buddy comedy that focuses on two young Brooklyn women and their friendship, a younger generation of television watchers are learning about street harassment, rape culture and patriarchy in a way that's ...

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The Drought-Proof, Homegrown Tea Alternative You've Never Heard Of
Detro's farm has proved that it can be a model for yaupon production nationwide, and new companies in Florida and Georgia have already jumped on board with efforts to grow the crop. The success of this energizing alternative shows that something really ...

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Jewish Journal

War not only alternative to nuclear deal
The Intelligencer (subscription)
There has been much said and written about this deal, but to say war was the only alternative is not correct. Remember what brought Iran to the table. It ended up dealing from a position of strength. Remember, Obama did not try to get the four people ...
Iran nuclear deal - what is the alternative?Jewish Journal
Letter: Iran nuclear deal is better than the possible alternativeBuffalo News
Maine Sen. King Questions Iran Deal AlternativeMaine Public Broadcasting
Appleton Post Crescent
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U.S. News & World Report

Why Income-Share Agreements Can Be an Alternative to Student Loans
U.S. News & World Report
As politicians grapple with the issue of student debt, a few have turned to a novel financing option called income-share agreements (or ISAs) as one part of the solution on this issue. Presidential candidates Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who introduced ...

The Independent

Asheville, North Carolina: Alternative living, a thriving craft beer industry ...
The Independent
Brits are probably more familiar with "alternative" US scenes in Oregon's Portland (the setting for hit comedy series Portlandia) and Austin, Texas (venue for the prestigious South by Southwest festival) than Asheville. It seems we have yet to discover ...

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Breitbart News

Free Speech-Friendly Reddit Alternative Voat Incorporates in the US
Breitbart News
We received many donations via Bitcoin and Dogecoin and these will help pay for our biggest hosting bill in history of Voat. We've also received hundreds and hundreds of emails from people willing to donate and help support Voat, asking about ...

Court alternative sought for abuse victims
The Victorian government is considering how victims of institutional child abuse can get justice without going through the courts. Public comment is being sought on a consultation paper for a redress scheme, which was one of the recommendations of the ...

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Paul Greenberg: What's the alternative?
Then what's your alternative? As he put it at his press conference the other day, none of the deal's critics "have presented to me or the American people a better alternative." He says he hasn't heard one. Or maybe he hasn't been listening. Because ...

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Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine?

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Seven Sinus Headache Solutions

1. Try steam inhalation as one of your sinus headache... Read More