Will the Online Quiz Make the Old Fashioned Printed Quiz Obsolete?

Q. Can you tell me the benefits of publishing an online quiz versus a printed one?A. Well, the first benefit of publishing an online quiz that comes to mind is the fact that it's an outstanding way to drive traffic to your web site. People love quizzes and they take... Read More

You Have to Spend Money to Earn Money

It surprises me that many people fail to grasp this concept as they first set out to start their own businesses. Thanks to the power of the Internet, anyone who has a computer and an Internet connection can now START their own online businesses with little investment. However, generally speaking,... Read More

Working With Affiliate Programs

Everywhere you look you see affiliate program offers forevery product or service that you can think of. Some havefully automated systems that sell high volumes of hardproducts all over the world. In case you don't know, "hard"products are those that you can touch...unlike an ebook ordownloadable web template. Many affiliate... Read More

How to Booost Your Affiliate Commissions by almost 30%

Affiliate marketing is one tough business. Everyone online today is looking to make or save money in any way they can. In the good old days when internet marketing was in its infancy, most of the people who clicked on your affiliate links used to purchase without a... Read More

Popup Killers - Not just killing that Popup but also your Revenue!

With the increased use of popups on sites - when you enter,when you leave, while you are there - Popup killers (orstoppers) are all the rage. Companies use Popup killers as a marketing tool forfrustrated webusers - they kill the Popup, the webuser usestheir service be it as an... Read More

Affiliate Programs... Whos Really Making The Money?

There will be a million and one affiliates out there who will tell you that the affiliate program they promote is going to be the best one for you.But have you considered who is really making the money and who gains the most out of affiliate programs.Let's take a step... Read More

Affiliate Marketing What Is It And Why Use It?

Affiliate Marketing is having Affiliates do your Marketing for you. What I mean by Affiliate is someone who tells people about your product/service and you pay them for a desired response, such as a purchase.Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to get the word out about your product/service.The... Read More

How To Create A Lifetime Income With Affiliate Programs By Changing Your Focus!

"How To Create A Lifetime Income With Affiliate Programs By Changing Your Focus!" An often overlooked strategy that could maximize your affiliate earnings by Mark Meyers Most people join an affiliate program so that they will make some money by referring people to the products and services of the... Read More

Two Quick Ways to Make Your Copy of Merchants Data Feed Different From All Other Affiliates

Product data feeds are really popular among affiliates because they can help produce thousands of product pages quickly and easily. Such pages can be used to drive highly targeted search engine traffic looking specifically for those products. But there is a big problem.The problem with data feeds is the fact... Read More

Affiliate Programs

Are you having trouble creating new product offerings from scratch? Maybe you're not a natural writer or you're unsure of a topic? Or maybe you'd just like a shortcut to some reliable revenue? Not to worry, help is here. And even if you're not stuck creating your own intellectual property,... Read More

In The News:

Curalate and eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network Partner to Help Publishers ...
The partnership offers Curalate Like2Buy to more than one hundred thousand publishers in the eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network, allowing them to use imagery to better engage their audiences, drive traffic to advertisers, and ultimately create an ...

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MEDNAX (MD) Affiliate Acquires Alegis Revenue Group
MEDNAX (NYSE: MD) announced the acquisition of Alegis Revenue Group, a leading, national third-party receivables company, by its affiliate MedData, Inc. Founded in 2008 by healthcare executives, Alegis specializes in revenue recovery on accounts that ...
MEDNAX Announces MedData's Acquisition of Alegis Revenue GroupMarketWatch
Mednax acquires medical billing companySun Sentinel

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Business Finance News

Walt Disney Co (DIS), Time Warner Inc (TWX), Viacom, Inc. (VIAB): Earnings ...
Business Finance News
For the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015 (3QFY15), Jefferies Equity Analyst, John Janedis, maintains his EPS and revenue projections of $1.14 and $13.80, respectively, compared to consensus estimates of $1.13 in EPS on $13.5 billion revenue. The ...

Affiliate marketing drives 91% rise in sales for luxury fashion brand
So far, the global affiliate programme has driven a 91% rise in annual sales revenue. Working solely with high end content sites and bloggers, Farfetch now has partnerships with over 1,600 bloggers and content sites such as ShopStyle, Lyst and DealMoon ...

New York Times

US Chamber of Commerce's Focus on Advocacy a Boon to Tobacco
New York Times
Revenue at the chamber has grown to $164 million in 2013, from $76 million a decade earlier. Including its various affiliates, the total rises to $260 million. Philip Morris increased its contributions more than sevenfold to $180,000 in 1998, Mr ...

Disney: Q3 2015 Buy
Seeking Alpha
Disney derives a significant amount of revenue from the affiliate fees which are paid to it by broadcasters such as Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) (NASDAQ:CMCSK), which is a function that is partly based on the number of subscribers for Disney content and ...

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Sell SaaS, They Said … It Will Be Easy, They Said
Another common referral strategy is based on the use of affiliates who share leads with an organization in exchange for a portion of revenue or a one-time payment. For example, online store platform Shopify operates one of the most successful SaaS ...

The NonProfit Times

United Way Fundraising Up, Total Revenue Down
The NonProfit Times
Three United Way affiliates reported total support of more than $100 million for the 2013-2014 campaign while overall support for United Way was up by less than 1 percent last year. United Way Worldwide reported total support of $3,872,917,029 for its ...

Health Lottery relaunches affiliate programme with Income Access
iGaming Business
“Given the brand's prestige and importance in the UK market, its new-look affiliate programme provides an important revenue opportunity for not just lottery affiliates but those working in other verticals as well,” Income Access founder and chief ...

Twenty-First Century Fox (FOXA) Stock Rating Initiated at Pacific Crest
As consumers move toward on-demand viewing, the relative value of major sports programming, which makes up most of Fox's revenue, should increase, Pacific Crest notes. The company has invested in international sports programming, in India especially, ...

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